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Welcome to the Next Chapter


I’ve decided to go with a dot-com for a number of reasons. I hope that you like the change. Please let me know what you think of it. I hope to add functionality and features as I go. My timing was a little off, but that’s life.

The next chapter; going back to Afghanistan. More on the whats and hows of that later. Suffice to say for now that I am going back for a year to do something that I’m very committed to. I think that when you’re committed to something, you do what you can. I have to live that, not just say it. I’m doing what I can to “walk the walk,” not just “talk the talk.”

I’m in Kuwait. It’s hairdryer-hot, and I have no real idea when I will continue my journey to the next step; Bagram. I am an individual, traveling as an individual among a stream of other warsalmon, all of us swimming upstream. Someone waits for me on the other side of this human pipeline. I hope to make them glad that they chose me for this mission. The performance anxiety of a Soldier never goes away. There is always the next time. The satisfaction of a job well done is ephemeral. The job always changes, the challenges increase.

There will be more. Much more, I’m sure.

It will be interesting to contrast the Afghanistan of my still fairly recent memory with what I find very soon. I will try to continue to share both personal experiences and my perceptions of what I find to be happening on the ground there. I hope that anyone who reads this will find it worthwhile.


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  1. Ky Woman says:

    Much success in this next chapter is being wished for you. The path you chose to walk may have been strewn with obstacles, but you persevered. And we’re damn proud.

    We’ll be waiting on this side. Just stay safe. Hyper alert and head on super swivel, yes?

  2. Jean says:

    Very classy set-up here.

    Looking forward to following your new journey.

  3. Grand_Man says:

    I’ve been reading your posts and analysis of local (and less local) situation since the beginning of your first tour in Afghanistan. You’re going back in this country, far from family, and it’s about time for the French lurker to express my admiration for your commitment for this key place in the making of a safer and a better world.
    I’ve learned a HUGE amount of things about Afghanistan, about the role of Armies, about modern wars, about what could be expected from “asymetrical” conflicts, about COIN… from reading your blog ; and hopefully you’ll have more time during the coming months to go on sharing your thoughts and experiences.

    And, of course, I shall apologize for the poor English of mine – just a civilian French after all, if that may be an excuse at all !

    Wishing all the best and the achievement your aiming at,
    Best regards

  4. Awesome new site, Blue. Stay safe and keep writing.

  5. RamblingRia says:

    Be Safe! These words are so inadequate and rhetorical. But be safe anyway. Are you by any chance going to “look up” Scott Kesterson and tell us how he’s doing? And your new website is very cool. Thanks for what you do – all of it!


  6. FlagGazer says:

    New site is GREAT!
    You take care and know that you are all in our thoughts and prayers.

  7. Elen says:

    The new site is verra yum. Godspeed! I’ll be reading your chronicles.

    SA Volunteer

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