06 Nov 2009 @ 8:16 AM 

Why Are The Networks Talking About PTSD?


What part of, “Allahu akhbar!” do they not understand?

For the second time in this war, we have had fratricide performed in the military ranks by a “Muslim convert.” Neither of the perpetrators have been combat veterans. Neither of them suffered from PTSD.

So why are CNN and MSNBC going on and on and on and on about PTSD? We’ve got an issue to discuss, and I don’t have the solution; but that issue is not PTSD.

Not in this case.

Let’s talk about what happened, not about diversionary babble that has nothing to do with why twelve Soldiers are dead; murdered by “one of their own.” Let’s address whatever issues we find and not pussyfoot around.

That’s not the American way, though.

Instead we will make it about handguns or PTSD or some other crap. We won’t really look at the hard questions because someone might get offended.

There is a war on, folks. It is a war unlike any war we as Americans have ever experienced. First, we have to quit kidding ourselves about this and what it is. We want to be sensitive and understanding and all-accepting, but things are what they are.

I don’t have the answers. But I can tell you that the question is not PTSD.

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  1. Ky Woman says:

    Not trying to be nit picking, but the perp was not a recent convert. He was born muslim to Palestinian parents, in the USA.

    Will be standing by for the latest “facts” from the media on this one.

    Sending hugs…

  2. Pattie says:

    One of the surest lessons I’ve learned about “breaking news” is that the first reports are almost always wrong. Same same with reports from the battlefield.

    There’s a lot of supposition going on online. Don’t have a TV but I expect its the same there. The problem with an information vacuum is that somebody or a lot of somebodies are gonna try to fill it. I’ve read some disturbing things this morning. Hopefully, when it all shakes out, we’ll know who shot who. The “why” may never be definite, leaving us to fill in our own prejudices.

  3. coffeypot says:

    The Army could have gotten rid of him just because of his comments on Islam and suicidal acts alone. But where would he have struck then? No, not PTSD, but extreme radical fundamental beliefs in a fucked up religion.

  4. OldSoldier54 says:

    I am sick and tired of the quasi sedition of the media. They can’t go broke fast enough to suit me.

  5. elf says:

    Old Soldier 54,

    LOL I can’t wait for them to be in the breadlines either.

    To answer Old Blue’s question – they are talking PTSD because anything that doesn’t fit their Liberal Meme goes down the memory hole. It’s like talking to someone who wants to inject religion into everything, or to a Dem now about Healthcare.

    In fact, it’s like, probably, trying to reason with a world of w@rcraft addict. Forget it.

    Hopefully I have not summoned a spam devil.

  6. elf says:


    Wallah they are talking about it.

    I don’t know why, and it’s tragic so many young people (the lists I’m seeing) had to be killed or hurt when they should have finally been safe – but this morning, and maybe it’s a fluke…

    they ARE talking about it. CNN. HLN. MPAC. CAIR (I still don’t trust CAIR…but). and one of the shooters relatives – who stated quite clearly that Islam does not allow this. MPAC/CAIR and other groups as well as this thing’s mosque in DC have all issued unequivocal condemnations.

    Anderson Cooper 360 is jumping on it as well, as well as the right wing press and pundits leading on this issue.

    Now I am sure some of it is it’s finally getting legs as a story, and the media as an industry is in deep tofu..BUT it’s still for the good.

  7. dennis says:

    could not agree more. this guy was just unhinged. a murder suicide,that did not come out, the way he was wanting.( still alive ) now so far i have seen quotes of,Muslim extremist, how did he git a (cop killing handgun.) was he working for ( insert name here ).come on this guy was a little off,got a deployment order and went ape chit.

  8. JWest says:

    1. Events are following their usual course.
    2. The media and the authorities are falling over themselves in their scramble to offer excuses for the behavior of MAJ Hasan.
    3. The military is a PC as the rest of the lot.
    4. MAJ Hasan’s superiors and coworkers, while certainly appalled at the carnage, must be worried about the effect their PC forbearance in his case will have on their careers.
    5. Not the first time the authorities have overlooked activities that were anti-US and pro-moslem terrorist.
    6. To wit: the afternoon of 09/11/2001 in the streets of Patterson, New Jersey where celebrating moslem crowds were filmed by the media and others.
    7. That was ignored by the press and government even as the ruins of the WTC were settling over 3000 casualties.
    8. Was told release of that would be “inflamatory.”
    9. Saying that MAJ Hassan’s behavior was rational, is probably inflamatory. Accurate, tho….
    V/R JWest

  9. Kris says:

    I’ve been waiting for someone to call it like it is. THANK YOU. I’m tired of the media grasping at straws of truth, which spread ignorance and misdirection instead.

  10. Salmon Pants says:

    Of all places, the Huffington Post has an opinion piece by an M.D. that takes a very hard-line stance on the “he got PTSD from counseling soldiers” horse manure that’s being bounded about in the media:

    Best quote:

    “Let me be very clear about this, it is no more possible to get PTSD from listening to soldiers tell their tales of their traumatic war experiences than it is to catch gonorrhea from hearing one talk about an unfortunate sexual experience.”

    Old Blue couldn’t have said it better himself.

  11. Alex says:

    This is mostly a response to the comments, but if you’re going to say that PTSD isn’t the issue and is an attempt to pigeonhole and distract from the issue, then so is calling this guy a Muslim extremist. In all likelihood he was a nut who snapped, and extremist Islam and being a military pysch can’t help.
    TO JWest: after decrying the media’s unreliability, you reference some sensationalist media footage from Paterson, NJ of muslims celebrating. You can’t tear the media apart and then try to reference them as evidence.

    Even so, are people allowed to dance around in the streets when stuff like September 11th happens even if its tasteless and offensive? They sure can and god help us if Americans lose that right.

  12. JWest says:

    1. No inconsistancy, I can see.
    2. The press, military and civil authorities are doing what they can to portray MAJ Hasan as unhinged.
    3. The press willingly suppressed footage of Moslems celebrating the destruction of the WTC in Patterson, NJ.
    4. The common motive is avoidance of backlash against innocent moslems.
    5. Said nothing about anyone’s rights.
    6. Suspect MAJ Hasan is as rational as the NJ crowds: a common mindset that is more threat to us than a diverse asset.
    V/R JWest

  13. elf says:


    “Even so, are people allowed to dance around in the streets when stuff like September 11th happens even if its tasteless and offensive? They sure can and god help us if Americans lose that right.”

    The Southern District of Manhattan will be sending you a jury notice, they are looking for your profile.

    God help us that you and others have so absorbed your PC indoctrination in the schools that you think that way, Alex.
    Uh, Alex people who danced that way in the 5 boros got the shit kicked out of them. That’s minimum justice.

    It’s war you fool. Genocidal war at that. It’s not “offensive” it’s grounds for summary street execution.

    And BTW by giving them a pass because their a protected species of victim terrorists merely endangers the innocents.

    You Liberals are more of a threat to your protected victims than meat eating right wing assholes like me. And you empower the worst of the latter.

  14. They claim it’s “PRE-Traumatic Stress Disorder.” IOW, he has yet to suffer any trauma, but the simple act of anticipating the possible occurrence of such trauma has, in and of itself, been a serious trauma.

    If that’s the case, then 21 years of hitting the streets as a police officer, anticipating all the possible consequences, should have me pretty damn well warped…………Ummmm…never mind. :) I’m not a good example of the intended analogy. I was seriously warped before I even started.

  15. elf says:



    OK, I’ll stop now…

    Happy Holidays!!

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