30 Jan 2010 @ 11:58 AM 

How Rude Of Me


Just to update, and in response to inquiries and well-wishes, I am fine. I’m wrapping up my leave, sitting in the USO in Atlanta’s Hartsfield International Airport and feeling grateful for the support of such fine people. The process of arriving and checking in has changed a bit since 2007, but the USO volunteers can’t get their arms around a Soldier quickly enough. They guide the Soldier quickly, walking with him, to where he needs to be; and then they promise to be there if he needs anything else.

You can read he as she, Soldier as Sailor, Airman or Marine… the constant is the USO volunteer.

Leave is too short. The children are awesome. Each is a gift alone; together a treasure beyond all imagining. They are what give me the humanity to see the child in the world. Some may not need to be brought by children to see such verities, but for me they are that lens.

As for the absence, I’d prefer not to make excuses. I have seen and learned so much on this tour… and it’s only half over. I’ve learned a lot more about counterinsurgency. I’ve gotten snapshots of a lot of behaviors in the field. I’ve seen a lot of great developments that I’ve not been sure of being clear to write about.

There have also been frustrations.

I needed leave.

Well, now that leave is over, where does the quest lead? We shall see soon enough… but back to the keyboard would be a good start.

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  1. Ky Woman says:

    Seeing the world through the eyes of a child requires a special talent. You are that type. I’m not alone in that opinion, I’m sure.
    Separation from your children for another six months only makes reunion that much sweeter. Blessed, you and they are.

    The struggle with the application of COIN will be an ongoing process as there are humans involved. None are perfect, and each one will bring their own perceptions to the table. Still, interesting times to be found.

    As you continue your quest with this journey out of the stone age, your keyboard allows many to travel the same paths you tread/trod. That’s always a good thing. ;-) Fellow sojourners help keep the bumps along the way bearable.

    Welcome back…we’ve missed you.
    Safe travels on the next leg.

  2. coffeypot says:

    Your are at the Atlanta Airport, 30 miles away…damn. I would have dropped by and bought you a beer. Sorry I missed you.

  3. elf says:

    Well welcome back to blogosphere. I thought you must have punched out a fobbit and were doing hard time in Kuwait ;-)

  4. Rosemary says:

    It is so wonderful to ‘hear’ from you! Thank God! I’ve heard a little about the changes in ROE and if true, I am going to be calling some people tomorrow. I want some answers. Such as…oh yeah. Can’t say. Grrr. It’s still great to ‘hear’ from you. :)

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