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Focusing on the priests' murders, as well as the 1980 slaying of San Salvador's Archbishop Oscar Romero, the series "Cortando el Puente" (Cutting the Bridge) will revisit crimes which remain highly sensitive from the bloody war that ended in 1992.

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Much like his fancy comfort food menu at Delicatessen in SoHo, chef Michael Ferraro wanted to put a sophisticated spin on rustic spuds, so he created a black truffle vinaigrette to adorn his decadent duck pate that tops a sweet potato latke.

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Ingram in particular gave the entire offensive line fits, lining up along both edges and occasionally in the interior as well. Solder recovered well in the second half, but the likes of Ryan Wendell and Dan Connolly gave up consistent pressure to Corey Liuget and blitzers from the second level.

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Shortly before the White House statement, Yemen's national security chief said militants had planned to kill Somers on Saturday. On Thursday, al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula posted a video online threatening to kill Somers.

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"There has been a tremendous amount of learning from last year," said Greg Matthews, emergency response advisor at the International Rescue Committee. "There have been reports from our field officers and partners that people are evacuating themselves. They are aware of the situation."

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Finally, Power BI is a product that's in its infancy and gives the average corporate PC user the ability to create advanced analytics typically associated with mainframe computing with more advanced software. The software is unique in that it creates further upsell and crosssell opportunities for Microsoft's sales organization.

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The US campaign group Disability Rights International (DRI) spent three years collecting evidence on Federico Mora. In a report published in 2012, the group described the hospital as "the most dangerous facility our investigators have witnessed anywhere in the Americas".

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Market valuations have been surging. Shares of Acadia and AAC Holdings are trading at 32 times and 56 times their projected 12-month earnings respectively, versus 17 times for a broader group of U.S. healthcare companies, according to Thomson Reuters data.

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I was standing in front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral with a cop from Brooklyn, here to help out on this day, and asked him if just being on the street the past few days, just doing his job, he sensed that people were looking at him differently.

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At least one in five callers were male and almost three in four callers were from Dublin, while the remainder were from 12 other counties. The vast majority of callers - 96% - were of Irish nationality.

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There’s always something going on with the world’s former No. 1 player, whether it’s nearly hitting into a swimming pool as he did on his opening shot of the week, piping drives with his new swing, or stubbing chips with his new short game stroke. And we didn’t even mention the fire hydrant that used to be around the corner from the clubhouse at Isleworth.

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The Paris-based OECD's monthly composite leading indicator (CLI) covering 33 member countries pointed to growth easing from relatively high levels in Britain, a loss of growth momentum in Germany and Italy, and stable growth momentum in France.

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CHINA TRADE: Export growth slumped last month while imports contracted rather than expanded as had been forecast in the latest sign of weakness in the world's No. 2 economy. Chinese stocks, however, rallied following the report, a sign that investors expect the government to add dole out more stimulus.

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"He's a real straight-shooter," said Ted Mirvis, an attorneyfor Bank of America who has sat across the table fromAlter both while Alter was at DFS and when he did a stint at theNew York attorney general's office. "He takes aggressivepositions, but he's also willing to listen and exchange ideas."

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"If you smoke and drink, the chances of you getting oral cancer are up to 40 times greater. However the lack of risk factors does not preclude oral cancer diagnosis. Whatever the cause, the key point to remember is that early detection saves lives," Dr Healy said.

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Mumps also tends to be more prevalent in the United Kingdom. Even though citizens are inoculated as children as they are in the U.S., the British government has blamed recent outbreaks on likely “waning immunity” in the administered shots.

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For Stone, the sublime performance is akin to a Reba McEntire moment. When the famous country singer replaced Bernadette Peters in “Annie Get Your Gun” in 2001, that musical went from shooting blanks to bull’s-eyes.

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These measures have been considered since a study revealed that 32 percent of their 2,300 workers are smokers and they sum up to more than $13 million a year due to health issues. Officials foresee an approximate $1 million decrease in health care costs every year if this change comes into effect.

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Indian tradition and culture is deep rooted.To integrate girls/women to western trends seems to me a big and indirect political plan.High lighting focus of western media for that Pakistan girl and information about rape incidents in India are astonishing.Women India I am sure will not be bullied.

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SHENZHEN, China, Dec 7 (Reuters) - When local officialswarned striking shoe factory workers in China's Pearl RiverDelta this summer that they were breaking the law, a slight,bespectacled figure barely 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 metres) tallfaced them down.

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Neil Rhodes, the head of Lincolnshire Police, said under the current funding arrangements, his force would be “unsustainable” by 2018 and will be the “first in the country to fall”.

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At the same time, he said, Republicans must find a way to express their anger over Obama's executive actions on immigration without closing the government. "The politics of dealing with Obama's overreach is tough politics for Republicans," Graham said.

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Manning has a laundry list of tips to help people enjoy holidays parties without overindulging. “I recommend treating the days with big holiday meals like a typical day-have a very sensible breakfast and lunch, and be sure to exercise that day,” says Manning. “Don’t go to the holiday party hungry; when you walk in, the smells and sounds are already tempting enough. Instead have a meal with both carbs and proteins — like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a piece of fruit.”

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The rise of these firms, often known as high-frequencytraders (HFT) because they execute hundreds of thousands oforders a second, has long-stirred intense controversy in theU.S. and Europe where critics claim they have an unfairadvantage over retail and traditional institutional investors.

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Prince Charles once dismissed China's leaders as a lifeless collective of "appalling old waxworks". But the Xi Jinping now being presented to China and the world is a vivid, multi-dimensional character, at once action hero, skilled diplomat and doting father.

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He said the people of Gordon have a lot of issues with Alex Salmond's SNP and his "absolute obsession with breaking up the UK" which, he says, was overwhelmingly rejected in the independence referendum.

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There are more mysteries, including how Kevin James (The Inventor) appears to cut a man in two with a chainsaw and when Aaron Crow (The Warrior) seemingly shoots an apple off of a woman’s head with a crossbow for a stunt that’s dramatic, romantic and shiny with bling.

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WINDERMERE, Fla. — Tiger Woods’ game had to have gotten pretty bad for rounds of 77-70 at his old home course to feel like progress. But that’s the state of things at the Hero World Challenge.

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** Songbird Estates Plc shareholder MadisonInternational Realty plans to accept Qatar InvestmentAuthority's offer for the British property company, said thesovereign wealth fund behind the hostile bid.

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A: You bet. That was my and everyone's concern ... to honor Cheryl's words, and life and book. It was a moral responsibility. She has such a passion for writing, for words, for choosing meticulously her prose.

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One food bank manager told the inquiry that he was offered 9,864 Cornish pasties because a lorry was 17 minutes late for his distribution deadline to Morrisons. He was also offered 30,000 spring greens that were due to be reploughed into the fields, and 10 tonnes of tomatoes that were deemed “too big for Tesco”, the report said.

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"I think after attending the funeral I was as emotional and taken aback by the incident because Phil was one of the guys I used to interact with when he used to come on tours and even when I was in Australia," he said.

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“When I got closer it was surreal ... I started taking video and you can hear two or three explosions,” DeGioia told the paper. “Then I saw the man crawl out of the windshield of the truck. After that I stopped recording.”

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European programs are a little bit more welcoming to older applicants, Beck says. Clancy, who was 28 and married when he went to LBS, says that played a role in his decision. He wanted to socialize with students at a similar life stage, and to be in” a place where his wife also felt comfortable.

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Now you may be asking, is a vegan or vegetarian diet right for me? If you are considering such a lifestyle, try starting slow and learning more about the two. For a start, vegetarianism means no meat consumption, and there are different levels of vegetarians. Vegans, on the other hand, are much stricter with their diets and lifestyles, as they will not eat or wear any type of animal product.

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Draper said he successfully bid on one lot, totalling 2,000bitcoins, on behalf of Draper Associates. The move helps fulfillhis plan to invest 300 bitcoins in every startup thatparticipates in the current session of Boost, a program forbitcoin-related startups founded by his son, Adam Draper.

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That is why it is entirely fitting that the owl of Pallas should still haunt the squares of Bloomsbury. It is the British Museum’s freedom to loan Ilissus to Russia – even in this wretched period – that shows exactly why the Elgin Marbles belong and shall remain in London.

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"My role is to be his voice for the judge," Andujar said. "I am there to explain what he was doing, that this wasn't a matter of him being a bad person. We didn't have a bad household. We were going to school. We grew up without a father and he was doing what he could do to help us.

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The company said that the roughly 14.5 billion euros inprovisions it made for nuclear dismantling would move to the newentity, which will mainly consist of ailing coal, gas andnuclear power plants.

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The state blamed the energy agency for major procedural problems that led to an improperly maintained salt truck catching fire at the Carlsbad plant on Feb. 7 and an improperly packaged Los Alamos National Laboratory barrel of waste rupturing at the site a week later, the documents showed.

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In a follow-up study, which is already underway, the Galway researchers have teamed up with 11 collaborators in Europe to assess cornea transplant rejection in even greater detail. The final year of this five-year project, known as VISICORT, will include a clinical trial in Galway using stem cells made at NUI Galway.

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Franco ended the bit saying "Oh also, all the girls who got any Instagram messages from me this year, last year, the hackers did it. It was the hackers," whereupon the show cut to a commercial for "The Interview," opening on Dec. 25.

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"We recognize that it's a long-term and extremely complex challenge, but it's one that we feel optimistic we'll be able to succeed at," Obama said of the Islamic State battle, with Abdullah seated at his side.

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“Based on prudent assumptions, if the pot of money we believe is available to policing in the next few years continues to be allocated in the usual manner, then Lincolnshire Police will have a funding gap of 7.6m in 2016/17 growing to 10.4m in 2017/18. Alternatively, if there was to be no reduction in central police grant, then cost pressures such as a 1% pay rise and the scheduled increase in employer National Insurance contributions would still mean a 3-3.5m gap.

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Roger Scruton's analysis of modernism is brave and correct no doubt, but it hardly scratches the surface of the pretentious nature of modern art. The problem is not to argue that modern art is fake and a lie, but to show that it is Not Art At All. Such formidable task requires an intellectual odyssey.

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“That game’s clearly on my shoulders,” said Ryan, faulting himself for calling the wrong coverage on the final play. When the Jets showed their hand, giving away they were going to blitz, Teddy Bridgewater checked to a screen pass. That set up Jarrett to be the goat on Sunday. With seven men blitzing, once Wright got past Jarrett he was home free for the score.

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“It’s good to be hygienic without grinding everything to a standstill and screaming at your relatives,” she said. “You can just subtly wipe off their phone and their remote when they’re not looking.”

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Wilkerson is the Jets’ best player, but will miss a second straight game with turf toe Sunday. In Richardson’s ideal world he and Wilkerson would both make the Pro Bowl, but Richardson recognized that Wilkerson’s injury doesn’t help his teammate’s case.

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Don’t mess with an electric eel. Turns out these animals are neural puppetmasters, using electricity as the strings to manipulate their prey. While the serpentine creatures regularly use their zapping powers to temporarily paralyze unlucky fish, they can also send out a shock that will cause hidden fish to twitch, betraying their positions and making them easy targets.

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And the devil is in the details. Why is the actor who plays “confirmed bachelor” Seabon wearing a wedding ring? If the cast and director Charlotte Moore don’t heed the details, why should audiences pay attention?

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"New environmental rules that will come into force on Jan.1, 2015 could slow steel production in China's north-east regionand exacerbate the seasonally slow winter demand," Daniel Hynes,a commodities analyst at ANZ said.

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"I think oil prices will remain at these levels for six toseven months, around $65 a barrel, until world economic recoveryis clear or if there were any political crises or OPEC changedits production policy," Kuwait Petroleum Corporation ChiefExecutive Nizar al-Adsani told reporters.

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The Bank figures show that the the proportion of households with a high mortgage debt servicing ratio will rise from 1.3% to 1.8% in the event that interest rates rise by 2%, well below previous peaks.

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To be fair, most of our experience with the NYPD happens between these extremes. Many of our congregants’ interactions with NYPD officers are positive. But the extremes persist — in parts of New York and nationwide.

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She sits in on his most important meetings, is by side at most public appearances, has vetted key City Hall appointments and runs the Mayor’s Fund, a philanthropic agency that raises and distributes tens of millions of dollars annually to projects reflecting the administration’s priorities.

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Meanwhile, the Premier League’s top goal scorer, Sergio Aguero is expected to miss Manchester City’s Champions League midweek match against Roma after injuring knee ligaments in a 1-0 against Everton.

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"It's so important that people have access to information that is easy to digest, and details on the options available to them so that they can begin to work through what it means for them and how they will live their lives," she said.

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Teyssen's comments follow E.ON's decision a week ago to spinoff its thermal power plants, raising fears that Germantaxpayers may end up footing a portion of the multibillion-eurobill for closing down nuclear plants.

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Reese Witherspoon astounds whenever she portrays charismatic characters (Tracy Flick of “Election” and Elle Woods of “Legally Blonde,” just to name a couple) who resort to transformative or cathartic decisions when faced with demanding situations. Witherspoon’s ability to fill characterization up to the brim without overfilling it makes these roles delightful, rendering the replay value of her films almost boundless. This exclusive clique of characters can now welcome a sex-crazed, heroin-addicted divorcee by the name of Cheryl Strayed.

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The Eagles had 67 yards in the first half and 72 in the second. They were outgained by 301 yards. They had the ball for just 18:04 compared to Seattle’s 41:56. When Kelly’s hurry-up offense is not sustaining drives, it puts tremendous pressure on the Eagles defense because it is back on the field so quickly. They did a hell of a job on defense and played better than us,” Kelly said.

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"Before the gunshots were heard, very strong floodlightsturned the night into daylight, and then we heard loudexplosions," Jamal told Reuters. "The soldiers were calling onthe house's inhabitants to surrender and the speaker was clearlya Yemeni soldier," he added.

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He added: “Public confidence in policing and those charged with providing it, will be severely eroded.” Every force in the country has had to make swingeing cuts after the Government announced a 20 per cent reduction in police funding as part of the 2010 austerity cuts.

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In this interplay of supply and demand, there is only one solution: Build vastly more reasonably priced housing in Brooklyn, with the help of rezonings of the kind that have transformed Williamsburg and downtown Brooklyn.

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The Big 12 is the only of the big-five leagues without a championship game, but it also the only one where every team plays each other in a round-robin schedule. Baylor and TCU (both 11-1, 8-1 Big 12) were declared co-champions, even though the Bears beat the Horned Frogs 61-58 on Oct. 11.

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Johnson likely averted his eyes on several occasions on Sunday. From shaky early quarterback play (Geno Smith’s pick-6 on the first play from scrimmage) to “inconsistent” cornerback play, as Ryan put it, to continued poor red-zone execution (0-for-5), there were plenty of breakdowns.

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"I have spent much of my career examining extreme animal adaptations and abilities. I have seen a lot of interesting stuff, but the eel's abilities are astounding, perhaps the most amazing thing I have ever observed," Catania said.

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Potatoes reached Belgium in the 16th century, but it was not until the 19th century that they were widely sold chipped and fried as a meal in themselves. UNAFRI says 95 percent of Belgians visit a fritkot at least once a year.

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SEPTA officials are coy about when customers will finally get Keys to the system; they say only that it should roll out in 2015 and be completed the following year. That's comparable to the five years it took Boston to fully deploy its CharlieCard system.

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Nets Super fan Jeffrey Gamblero said he has "bumps and bruises and lumps" on his head and back as a result of being forcefully removed from Madison Square Garden and inadvertently dropped along the stairwell during Tuesday's Knicks-Nets game.

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Uber said in a statement on Sunday that it had suspended the driver following the allegations, in line with company policy, and have provided the authorities with "all relevant details," such as driver, vehicle and trip information.

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Similarly, low-carbs LeBron was low-energy LeBron for long stretches as well. In two games against the Knicks, he has 12 turnovers and hasn’t come close to asserting his will against a longtime rival. Yet, James did produce a crucial three-pointer and defended Anthony on the Knicks’ final possession.

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Arizona coach Rich Rodriguez benched quarterback Anu Solomon — and later backup Jesse Scroggins — in the second half trying to find a spark. By then it was too late, and Rodriguez’s scrunched face on the sideline exemplified his team’s frustrations.

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"These crises impose massive costs on economies and societies, and the circumstances that assisted us during the recent global financial crisis will not be present in future crises," he said.

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The warning comes ahead of AMD Awareness Week 2014, which runs from September 15-21. This year's campaign - 'Begin Your New Chapter' - is highlighting how the disease can impact on a person's ability to read.

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"The action of seeking international arbitration has revealed the vicious intentions of Manila to hurt Beijing's sovereignty rights. If China responds to the case, it will fall into its trap as it will mean that Beijing accepts such resolution method," it says.

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The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which tracks the conflict through a network of sources on both sides, said 10 explosions were heard near Dimas. It said that one missile hit a warehouse for imports and exports at the Damascus International Airport.

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Bono, who has lobbied for a variety of causes including debt relief, world poverty and AIDS, earlier on Monday said on the group's website that this year was a World AIDS Day like no other because 13 million people have access to life-saving drugs, up from 300,000 just over 10 year ago.

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But now top EU officials hope a new president and primeminister in Turkey and a new European Commission in Brusselsmark a fresh start that will pave the way for regular high-leveltalks to discuss common strategic interests.

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Beckham, the Giants’ star receiver, spent Wednesday night at a Manhattan restaurant as the special guest of one of his sports idols — NBA superstar LeBron James. The Cavaliers forward invited Beckham to dine with him at Carbone, an Italian restaurant in Greenwich Village, where they snapped a picture and discussed life as sports stars.

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Matthew Pointon, the property economist at Capital Economics has been looking at the affordability of homes. He concludes that "ultra-low interest rates are only just providing a sufficient offset for today's high prices". House price growth will be subdued he says, as all but the wealthiest first-time buyers have been excluded from the property market.

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Still, you have to be impressed with how the ball is coming off the clubface on his woods and irons. Saturday, Woods somehow consistently outhit playing partner Billy Horschel whenever they both hit driver off the tee. On 18, he really reached back for one and went after it, blowing it 35 yards past Horschel. With 170 in, he stuck on six feet from the cup. The ball flight was right to left and trajectory was high. It was an ideally played hole, a glimpse of the past and maybe what is to be.

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December 5 was the final day for applications, however, the department pointed out that in ‘exceptional circumstances, Judge Clark has discretion to extend the time for receipt of applications by an additional 20 working days, that is, to Wednesday, 14 January 2015'.

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The DCPC system was much more effective at reducing depression. At six months, 62% of the patients who received DCPC responded to treatment, with at least a 50% reduction in the severity of depression, compared to only 17% of those who received usual care.

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Together with the First Lady of New York, Chirlane McCray, who is the wife of Mayor Bill de Blasio, the Duchess will wrap Christmas presents with volunteers and meet students learning craft-making skills.

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Several officers were struck, but there were just two reports of injuries, Berkeley police spokeswoman Jenn Coats said. A Berkeley police officer received hospital treatment for a dislocated shoulder after being hit with a sandbag, while another sustained minor injuries.

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"The affected patient population today has greater financialresources, which combined with a stronger economic environment,enables patients to pay for treatment," said Rich Harding, amanaging director at investment bank Moelis & Co.

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“I’ve been meaning to send this to Scooter,” she says. “The last time I was in New York for the draft, before he left for his flight home, I asked him for his autograph. He said, ”Grandma, you don’t need one. I’m your autograph.’ ”

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It was all football, all the time, and it showed Sunday night. Brady threw a 69-yard touchdown pass to Julian Edelman midway through the fourth quarter, and New England beat the San Diego Chargers 23-14 for its eighth win in nine games.

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He moved Indianapolis into position for Vinatieri’s 51-yard field goal to make it 21-10. After Cleveland’s offense went three-and-out, Luck connected with Hilton on a 42-yard pass to make it 21-16.

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Abe's Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) is set to take 303-320 seats of the powerful chamber's 475 seats, the forecast showed, indicating the LDP may grab the 317 seats on its own to hold a "super majority" needed to override votes in the upper house.

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I mean, do you really trust Jenrry Mejia? He and Jeurys Familia did a nice job of finally providing stability to the late-inning bullpen, where problems have plagued the Mets for years, but Mejia was also a tightrope act as a closer, repeatedly having to pitch his way out of trouble after putting runners on base.

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In the reimagined songs, "O Little Town of Bethlehem" became "O Little Town of Ferguson," the Missouri city where Michael Brown, an unarmed 18-year-old, was shot dead in August by a white police officer. A grand jury declined last month to indict the officer, Darren Wilson, sparking a nationwide wave of protests.

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The office place can pose a lot of challenges to eating right. “The office can be toxic in terms of weight gain — there’s always that person with the candy bowl, and people often bring in baked goods over the holidays,” says Manning. “It’s a time with a lot of temptations.”

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"A Matthew Miller biker jacket with an Anderson & Sheppard fisherman's knit worn over a simple grey T-shirt from Studio White Label is brilliant British design at its very best,” says Jenkins. “Chuck in a pair of Hiut jeans and either some Mr Hare Cunningham trainers or Edward Green Galway boots and you'll be able to take on the world."

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It was all going to be different for the Knicks this season, except of course it hasn’t turned out that way at all. Phil Jackson was going to come in and shed light into every dark corner of the organization, use his wit and his wiles to turn the Garden into a brighter, smarter place. The world’s most paranoid arena was going to become something less afraid of the truth.

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The hostile move followed Songbird's rejection of an initial2.2 billion pound ($3.43 billion) approach, saying it did notreflect the full value of the company or its growth potential.Songbird has yet to formally reject the improved terms.

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Someone should track down “patient zero,” as Rangers forward Lee Stempniak said. In the meantime, any infected NHL player is in for some lonely days. Glass was isolated to his family’s spare bedroom for five days until his symptoms subsided.

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The 52-year-old McElwain has NFL experience, Southeastern Conference ties and a track record of success on the offensive side of the ball. His offense ranks 13th nationally, averaging 498 yards a game.

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"Our overworked healthcare professionals will be asked to continue to work unreasonable hours, under intolerable pressure in a thankless environment. That will only encourage more young professionals to consider emigration and that will, in turn, lead to greater reliance on agency staff. It's a vicious cycle which only brave decisions and realistic funding will address," Prof Duffy added.

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While forecasting 3.1 percent U.S. growth, the NABE panelists projected much weaker in Europe and Japan. It forecast 1 percent growth in Japan and 1.2 percent growth in the European Union. China's growth was put at 7 percent for next year.

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Martin pranced on the plastic covered stage in the heart of Manhattan and kicked off the concert with U2 with the song "Beautiful Day" as the crowd raised smartphones to record the moment, followed by "With or Without You" from the group's album, The Joshua Tree.

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Witherspoon plays Strayed with a wildness and passion veiled with a nonchalant attitude that only breaks when Strayed inevitably confronts her fear and insecurities. The film’s soothing sense of humor comes out whenever she encounters confusing plights, such as eating cold mush, losing a toenail or having fox-shaped hallucinations. The more these amusing instances occur, the less Strayed feels the burden of her separation from Bobbi and her husband.

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Thousands of demonstrators have protested peacefully in New York and elsewhere since the announcement Wednesday that a grand jury declined to indict a white officer in the death of Eric Garner, a black man who gasped "I can't breathe" while being placed in a chokehold as he was being arrested for selling loose, untaxed cigarettes. The decision closely followed a Ferguson, Missouri, grand jury's choice not to indict a white officer in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed black 18-year-old.

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“I think when it’s knuckle-up time, we have to execute better and just keep getting stops,” said Smith, who finished with 20 points off the bench on 8-of-12 shooting, including nine points in the fourth.

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The 21-year-old Spieth, who closed with an eight-under 63 to win last week's Australian Open by six shots for his first win of the year, collected a $1 million prize and satisfied a goal by winning his second title of 2014.

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“I will always be remembered as (being a part of) that blockbuster trade,” St. Louis defensive tackle Michael Brockers said. “And, you know, the Rams won. The Rams won that one.”

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"In a number of cases, audited financial statements or business valuations for the incoming companies have not been prepared or disclosed and there has been insufficient disclosure of the incoming companies' business models," an Australian Securities and Investments Commission spokeswoman told Reuters in an email.

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He also noted that the ECB's balance sheet was still shrinking. Governor Mario Draghi said last week that the ECB was therefore talking about buying all assets except gold, a comment that Mr Nowotny today said was "a bit widely formulated.

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But imagine what the conversation would be like with the Knicks if Fisher was close to the end of a contract instead of the beginning, about some of Fisher’s late-game decisions and his rotations and all the rest of it. He has been a distinguished citizen of the league for a long time, won championships, made very big shots. But he had one guy who thought he was ready to become a head coach, to go from straight from the court to coaching the way Jason Kidd did, and that was Phil Jackson.

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Woods had to use the bushes off the side of the driving range to vomit and had another episode on the first hole — before making birdie. He doubled over several times on the front nine with the dry heaves. But he hung in there in a tournament that’s for the benefit of his Foundation, never thinking of not playing.

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PARIS/ZURICH, Dec 8 (Reuters) - France's Saint-Gobain has offered 2.75 billion Swiss francs ($2.8 billion)to buy a controlling stake in chemicals group Sika, butthe move was rejected by the Swiss firm's management, sparking aslide in both companies' shares.

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This has also been a season of redemption for Kiffin, the guy who rubbed so many people the wrong way during stints as a head coach. His record never matched his bravado, but Saban picked him to run the Alabama offense.

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"It's clear that we were penalized for not having a postseason championship game," Bowlsby said. "It would have been nice to have been told that ahead of time because we made the impression that we had a different model, but it wasn't one that was going to penalize us, and I think it's clear that it did."

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"While we still have some way to go in challenging these old myths, especially those that blame the victim, having laws in place that support justice for victims while at the same time respecting an accused person's right to a fair trial, will go a long way to curbing sexual crimes in our society. Victims will be more inclined not to drop out of the criminal justice system and we will see more cases going to trial," she added.

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The European Commission has been working on a financial transactions tax since 2011. It was an idea that emerged after the financial crisis and was popular in countries that had spent billions of dollars bailing out banks. But it has run into problems. Eurozone finance ministers were due to sign-off the plan at a meeting this week, but that looks unlikely, as does a 2016 start date for the tax.

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Public health advocates alerted Reuters to the inclusion of the analysis, which they say makes such regulations more vulnerable to challenges by industry because it narrows the gap between the government's projections of a regulation's benefits and costs. Amit Narang, an attorney at Public Citizen, said the lost pleasure calculation could help companies or trade groups to challenge the menu rule in court.

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Digital Classifieds posted a 21 percent gain in revenues to357.1 million euros in the first nine months of 2014, whileearnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisationjumped 35 percent to 160.2 million, Springer said.

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As Fisher noted after the game, the Knicks also had a foul to give on the decisive play. But Pablo Prigioni admittedly couldn’t get enough of Walker through a screen to have one called before the Bronx native and former UConn star kissed in his lefty layup beyond Stoudemire’s reach.

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** Last month, the Peruvian miner said it expected all-insustaining costs of $15-$16 per ounce in 2015, compared with the2014 target of $18.30 ($1 = 0.6424 pounds) (RM:esha.vaish.thomsonreuters.com@reuters.net)

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A person is seen as having active asthma if they have documented asthma symptoms, they regularly require asthma medication or they have visited their doctor about their asthma within the last year. US scientists decided to look into the link between this and heart health.

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Added Fisher: “Sam does some good things for us defensively, rebounding, changing shots. . . . As we search for what’s going to work best for the team, some guys have had to kind of made some adjustments and some changes in terms of the lineups. We’re trying to work through what we need to in order to find the right combination that can sustain high performance.”

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The 2013 World Series champion Red Sox fell back into the AL East basement this past season, prompting Boston ownership to open its coffers early in the winter, snagging free agents Sandoval and Ramirez.

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Songbird Estates did not reject the 350p approach out of hand last week but said that the “board believes the offer from QIA [Qatar Investment Authority] and Brookfield does not reflect the full value of the company, its unique position and future growth potential.”

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Typhoon Hagupit was expected to be stronger when it hit the third largest island in the Philippines, Samar province, just south of Tacloban, which has still not fully recovered from last year’s destruction.

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Police said the 32-year-old driver dropped the woman homeafter attacking her and warned her not to inform theauthorities. She managed to note the driver's number and take aphotograph of his car, they said.

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While they’re still overoptimistic, for the most part, these forecasters have been right. The 0.2 percent expectation doesn’t match reality each month, but it’s the signal in the noise. Nothing’s changing.

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New England’s Brandon Browner was whistled for a personal foul for hitting Chargers tight end Ladarius Green in the head with his shoulder in the third quarter. The penalty nullified an interception return for a touchdown by Devin McCourty.

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Some of the rarest and most sought after film posters go up for sale at auction house Coys' biggest entertainment memorabilia sale on December 2, and it's not just James Bond films that will feature

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The settlement triggered a number of SEC "bad actor" rules that automatically disqualify companies and individuals from participating in certain activities, such as raising private capital or acting as an investment adviser.

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Welby said gifts had their origins in “the Christian tradition that says God gave his son, Jesus, as a gift to bring us life”, and explained that “the most meaningful gifts are about expressing life, not luxury”.

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The IHF workplace programme has been working with Irish companies for over two decades, helping to create supportive and healthier workplaces. This year alone, 70 companies received Healthy Eating Awards, which focus on promoting and providing healthy meal options to employees.

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Adams and fellow University of Florida geologist John Jaeger released their findings on a day when the space center on Florida’s east coast was celebrating a successful first test launch of the Orion capsule designed to one day fly astronauts to Mars.

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I recently read that THE MAJORITY of the MPs have outstanding warrants and cases against them for domestic abuse, solicitation, and other acts of aggression against women. This is outrageous. I’m horrified.

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Alderson also said shortstop/second baseman Matt Reynolds, who had a tremendous year in Double-A and Triple-A in 2014, is scheduled to begin the season in Triple-A but will likely get a spring training invite.

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"It goes to show that people in Westminster don't give a monkeys about the people they represent. After all that happened with the expenses scandal, these people are still out for themselves."

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However, there has been no indication the Mets have pursued Robertson. As always, the money would be an issue, but considering that Cuddyer agreed to take only $8.5 million in the first year of his two-year, $21 million deal, surely the Mets could find a way to pay Robertson.

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“It’s the story of a woman who decides to change her life radically. She fights against all the people she loves, her family, and even herself. Why? Because she wakes up one day, during the Greek financial crisis, and no longer recognizes herself. She doesn’t know who she is anymore. She needs to find a way to gain back her self-esteem,” says director Syllas Tzoumerkas.

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Earlier this year, BlackBerry bought a minority stake in privately held NantHealth. The mobile technology company sees healthcare as one of the niche sectors in which it has an advantage, due to the heightened focus on patient privacy and BlackBerry's vast networks that can manage and secure data on mobile devices.

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Alipay is China's largest payment service provider and iscontrolled by Alibaba's executive chairman and founder Jack Ma.Significant shareholders include others in Alibaba's managementcommittee, including CEO Jonathan Lu and chief risk officer ShaoXiaofeng.

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So they’re going to try to win the trendy way, by saving rather than scoring the most runs, with better defense at shortstop and a bullpen that could be deeper and more dominant than it was last year — even without David Robertson.

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TUESDAY, DECEMBER 16 NEW YORK - UK Finance Minister George Osborne speaks in NewYork. LONDON - Bank of England publishes half-yearly FinancialStability Report - 0700 GMT. SYDNEY - Reserve Bank of Australia Assistant Governor GuyDebelle speaks at the 27th Australasian Finance and BankingConference in Sydney - 0015 GMT. SYDNEY - RBA will release the minutes of its December policymeeting.

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IFFIm issues bonds designed to bring forward future donorpledges into cash-in-hand today to finance its immunisationprojects. It has raised $5 billion since 2006 from bonds issuedin markets such as Japan and Australia.

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ABOUT SAN DIEGO STATE (6-1): Forward Winston Shepard averages a team-best 10.7 points and guard Dwayne Polee II (10.1) joined him in double digits by scoring 14 points against San Diego. It was Polee’s fourth double-digit outing of the campaign and he's comfortable in a starting role after being named the Mountain West Sixth Man of the Year last season. “Dwayne is a guy that when he gets on a roll, he can get in a rhythm and make three in a row,” coach Steve Fisher told reporters. “He can make hard shots and he’s shooting the ball, when he’s open, with a great deal of confidence.”

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Quarterback Russell Wilson threw two touchdown passes and ran in another for Seattle, as the defending Super Bowl champions improved to 9-4 and remained a game behind division leader Arizona, which held the Kansas City Chiefs scoreless in the second half for a 17-14 victory.


It also said HomEq violated its contracts by chargingattorneys' fees in foreclosure and bankruptcy and splitting themwith a nonlawyer, specifically a unit of Fidelity NationalInformation Services Inc. Sharing fees in this manner isillegal throughout the country, the lawsuit said.

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LONDON - Trafigura, one of the world's largest commoditiestraders, reports a 13 percent rise in core earnings to $1.309billion in the fiscal year to September 2014.(TRAFIGURA-RESULTS/ (UPDATE 1), moved, 230 words)

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“Expensive gifts must be lavished, we are told, on immediate family, extended family, godchildren – not to mention the office Secret Santa. And then there’s the price of Christmas activities: the ice-skating, the office restaurant meals, the pantomimes for the kids.”

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He is also a serial entrepreneur, having co-founded six businesses, and "entrepreneur-in-residence" at the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), which means he gives practical advice to those starting out.

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For example, the term "risk tolerance” is giving way to “comfort level.” "Financial freedom” is also passé, especially after the 2008-2009 financial crisis. Now, it's better to use “financial security.”

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Psoriasis is a chronic, inflammatory skin condition that affects around 2% of the Irish population - some 100,000 people. It appears as pink or red raised patches on the skin. These patches, which are known as plaques, have a well-defined edge around them. They also have a scaly surface and can be large or small.

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Last week, the President had held meetings at the White House with young civil-rights activists who have launched protests against the fatal shooting incident of an 18-year-old unarmed black boy by a white police officer last August in Ferguson, Missouri.

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Brady completed 28 of 44 passes for 317 yards and two touchdowns with one interception. Edelman caught eight passes for 141 yards. San Diego’s offense scored one touchdown. “We just didn’t play well,” quarterback Philip Rivers said. “They were the reason for a lot of that. But we had some things that were self-inflicted as well. It wasn’t our best day, obviously. Anytime you score seven points in this league you’re not going to win any games.”

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Some observers are predicting departures from Rolling Stone as a result. Representatives of the magazine declined to comment on Sunday. Jann Wenner, the founder and owner of Rolling Stone, did not respond to requests for comment.

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The researchers said that the reason for the findings are unclear, however they suggested that male foetuses could have increased sensitivity to environmental factors affecting the mother, such as smoking, obesity and social deprivation.

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Taiwan's Investment Commission also chimed in on Monday,saying it will "give a strict review" of the deal. The investment regulatory body's comments came after four lawmakers urged over the weekend that the deal be rejected.

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And for the second year in a row, the Bears won at home in a finale, this time in their new campus stadium on the banks of the Brazos River after beating Texas 30-7 last year at Floyd Casey Stadium to earn a spot in the Fiesta Bowl.

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