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Asked whether this might cause cross-border confusion, Justice Secretary Michael Matheson replied: "People have a responsibility as drivers to make themselves aware of the regulations and rules of the country in which they're driving.

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** Chinese sovereign fund China Investment Corp (CIC) hassold its entire stake in Singapore-listed water treatmentcompany SIIC Environment Holdings Ltd for about S$98million ($74.4 million) in a block share trade, IFR reported.

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Unlike Tuesday, when Anthony and the referees either ignored or didn’t hear Fisher’s plea, the Knicks coach went to great lengths to be heard and seen. With the Knicks trailing by one, Fisher walked to the Knick logo at center court before getting the attention of Jose Calderon and the three referees.

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TUESDAY, DECEMBER 16 NEW YORK - UK Finance Minister George Osborne speaks in NewYork. LONDON - Bank of England publishes half-yearly FinancialStability Report - 0700 GMT. SYDNEY - Reserve Bank of Australia Assistant Governor GuyDebelle speaks at the 27th Australasian Finance and BankingConference in Sydney - 0015 GMT. SYDNEY - RBA will release the minutes of its December policymeeting.

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In doing so he showed the necessary moxie for the job, but his 1.484 WHIP last year makes you wonder if he can have sustained success as a closer, especially if the Mets do get into high-pressure pennant-race games.

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It uses predictive text algorithms developed with six-year-old British software company SwiftKey, similar to those found on smartphones, to select words after inputting just 10-15 percent of letters, significantly reducing the effort and time required.

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While they’re still overoptimistic, for the most part, these forecasters have been right. The 0.2 percent expectation doesn’t match reality each month, but it’s the signal in the noise. Nothing’s changing.

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A protest against police-involved killings spun out of control for the second straight night in Berkeley, Calif. Sunday, as demonstrators threw rocks and explosives at officers, turned on each other, and shut down a highway.

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By restricting the charges against Pantaleo to manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide, Donovan sealed Pantaleo’s fate. And that amounted to a damned nice day in court for him, and a tragic one for justice.

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He and his wife, former model and actress Emma Heming Willis, are trading up to a bigger apartment since they now have a second child, sources said. They're also planning on spending more time in the city rather than at their California home.

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Other basics of the Tony-Award-winning original production remain: Merrick lives in side-show squalor and abuse before being rescued by the rigid but kindly Dr. Treves (Alessandro Nivola, first-class).

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The private forensics specialists Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) has hired to investigate the major cyber-attack that last week shut down all its servers said the attack was “unprecedented”, “damaging” and “unique” in its nature. The experts also added that it was “well-planed” and carried out by an organized group.

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