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M.R.’s combined retirement plan asset mix is 84 percent stocks, 12.5 percent bonds, 2.5 percent real estate and 1 percent cash. Based on my analysis,M.R.’s asset mix goes well beyond the scope of “aggressive growth” for a 56-year-old investor, and is more appropriately defined as “hyperaggressive.” A 20 percent to40 percent correction in stocks exposes this portfolio to approximately$235,000 to $474,000 in market losses. Can he handle that type of heat?

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Both the Aussie and the kiwi were hurt by trade numbers from China showing a sharp drop in imports with another 1 percent slide from oil also feeding sales of currencies traditionally dependent on commodity prices.

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The oil industry has a history of cartels being formed to control price. It started with Rockerfella. Opec was not the first and may not be the last. The big producers have the profit motive to want to form cartels. Unless you believe in the honesty of politicians who need money to get elected and known and wisdom of the average voter and new reporter, expect that to happen sometime.

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A real economically viable breakthrough in the alternate sources of energy (or a combination of them) will soon be the next “big thing” in human history, after microcomputers and the Internet. So the oil is slated to become very expensive one day… as most precious antiques do.

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