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It said 'Guardians of Peace,' the hacking gang that has taken responsibility for the attack at the Sony Corp unit, was one such group. A North Korean diplomat has denied Pyongyang was behind the attack that was launched last month, though a U.S. national security source said it was a suspect.

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Mr Harris, who is just 19, has Aspergers syndrome. This is a form of autism in which those affected usually have a normal IQ, but they may have very poor communication, social and emotional skills. Characteristics can include difficulties forming relationships and a big reliance on routines and timetables.


STORRS, Conn. (AP) — A 3-point shot by Yale’s Jack Montague ended 28 years of frustration for the Bulldogs against in-state rival UConn and gave the Ivy League program what coach James Jones called its signature win.

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"They were ashamed to be there. The dad talked miserably. He said they had each been skipping a day's meals once a week in order to have more for the child, but then they needed new tyres for the car so they could get to work at night, and just could not make ends meet.

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Brazil, on the other hand, wants countries to be able to put adaptation and finance in their national contributions. But it does not support a wider adaptation goal, arguing that adaptation is local, and therefore very difficult to measure.

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"Progress is just a miracle," says Makush owner Tesfaye Hiwet, who began visiting his homeland after the 1991 revolution that brought down the Derg, Ethiopia's communist-inspired military dictatorship. Mr Tesfaye remembers the sorry state of Ethiopia's economy following 17 years of botched socialist economic policies: "After the Derg fell, there was not even toilet paper." While living in the US, he opened a restaurant and nightclub in Washington DC, decorated with Ethiopian art sourced during his visits to Addis Ababa. After noticing the lack of galleries, he moved back 12 years ago.

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After Keane and Donovan hugged at midfield for the final time in their vaunted partnership, the Galaxy raised their latest trophy at midfield under a shower of fireworks and confetti. Donovan took a slow tour of the StubHub Center field, a Galaxy scarf draped around his neck, waving at a sellout crowd loudly chanting "One more year"

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“Lincolnshire Police has a trusted and tested approach to forecasting resources and demand that has been reviewed by HMIC. Chief officers recently worked through the service degradation impact of a scenario where officer and PCSO numbers were cut in line with the potential budget reductions indicated.

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The legal action related to getting an order to allow Miss Y to undergo an abortion under the Protection of Life in Pregnancy Act. A previous court order had been obtained to allow the woman to be hydrated.

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James has gone back home to Ohio and is committed to a project known as the Cleveland Cavaliers; one that is promising, yet far from guaranteed to succeed. The Cavs are a talented, patch-quilt group, sloppy with the ball and uncertain what to do with LeBron’s pace and passes. They struggled to beat the lowly Knicks on Thursday, 90-87, before Kyrie Irving dropped in a cross-over, lefty layup over Amar’e Stoudemire for the clincher. Some of James’ stats have suffered, but the duck-footed forward never misses a game and his assists average is the highest it’s been since he first left the Cavs in 2010.

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The analysis of the police-involved deaths begins with the 1999 slaying of unarmed Amadou Diallo in a hail of bullets and ends with last month’s shooting death of Akai Gurley, who police say was hit by a ricocheting bullet fired by a rookie cop in a darkened housing project stairwell in Brooklyn. Gurley was also unarmed.

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“Both goals are fixable, and I think our head coach is not far off,” said center Derek Stepan, who was trailing the play on Sheahan’s goal. “I’m on the ice for one of them, and I know I can be there, too. That’s our team concept. We want to pour back. We want to have five guys down low. But it ends up in our net twice.

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The insurance outsourcer has since won a libel ruling against the New York based short-seller for describing its latest margins as "magical...paper profits" and claiming that "variances" between the company's "paper profits" and cash flow were "puzzling, at best".

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