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In 2012 in Ukraine, former Russian citizen Dmitriy Salamatin was appointed defence minister under President Viktor Yanukovych, who fled to Russia in the wake of massive pro-EU demonstrations two years later.

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The Philippines had evacuated more than a million people asthe powerful typhoon approached the country from the Pacific,fearing a repeat of a super storm last year that left more than7,000 dead or missing.

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The trampoline craze shows no sign of abating. Last month proposals were announced to construct a giant open-air trampoline the entire length of a street in central London to cheer up commuters.

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There is also a desire to strengthen existing overseas British bases in places such as Brunei – which, in view of the rising tensions in the Pacific, would mean we were better prepared to cope with any future threats to British interests there. As one senior British officer observes: “It is always preferable to try to stop a war than to end up fighting in one.”

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However, the QIA and Brookfield said their 350p approach was a “final” cash offer, which under takeover panel rules, means that it can’t be increased. “It’s a take it or leave it offer," a source said.

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The security bureau previously only took part on acase-by-case basis, he said, but has become a permanent fixturesince thousands of mostly young protesters occupied parliamentin March demanding greater oversight of deals with China, inwhat became known locally as the Sunflower Movement.

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"It was cold," Starks said with a smile. "It was in Minnesota, the coldest place on earth. It was cold, that's all I remember about it. We (the Eastern Conference) won the game, that's one thing I do remember. Other than that, it was cold, and public transportation isn't like it is here. This is like the best in the world."

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The study found that infant mortality rates increased in line with the mothers' increasing body mass index (BMI) during early pregnancy. In other words, the bigger a mother was in early pregnancy, the greater the risk to her infant.

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But if you’re looking for a more casual alternative, go for white canvas plimsolls. Stick to Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars, or maybe add a dash of Gallic flair with Spring Court or Lacoste. They’ll get a bit battered over the course of the season, but they’re not exactly going to break the bank, so replace them as needed.

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The former world number one said a new release point on his shots was affecting his chipping motion, but he was not worried. "Over these holidays, I can refine it," he said, adding that he planned a full schedule for the upcoming season.

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"Normally people who invest in oil do so with a long-termhorizon, so really there should be little impact," he said. (Writing by Anthony Esposito; Editing by James Dalgleish andMeredith Mazzilli)

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In Iran, meth has managed to transcend the social divides that have characterized meth abuse in Western countries. By crossing all socioeconomic boundaries, the crystal meth siege of Iran is not going to end anytime soon. The country is too far from hitting bottom.

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The suspect was held in his home town in Uttar Pradesh where his car was earlier found abandoned. He will be brought before a New Delhi court on Monday, said Madhur Verma, deputy commissioner with the Delhi police.

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Rex Ryan, the CEO of Ground-and-Pound LLC, attributed Johnson and Ivory’s less-than-stellar numbers to the team’s propensity to fall behind early in games. Johnson, however, should have been used as more of a pass-catching outlet for a struggling Geno Smith in the first two months. Instead, Johnson, who had averaged 45 receptions in his first six seasons, has only caught 20 passes.

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But the passing game experienced more fourth-quarter success as the pass protection improved, and Brady hit the game-clincher to Edelman on their bread-and-butter play-action seam concept. He even had a key third-down rushing conversion late in the fourth quarter to help burn more time off the clock.

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Childhood overweight continues to be a major public health problem, but while the role of GPs is seen as important in tackling this issue, it also remains undefined, with many GPs unsure of how to even bring the topic up.

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The roles were reversed the following year, another 1-2 matchup with Florida on top. The game was a reversal, too, as No. 2 Alabama blew open a close game at halftime for a 32-13 victory that left Tebow in tears. The Tide defeated Texas for the first national title of the Saban era.

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The Loma Linda lifestyle appears to add up to a potent recipe for wellbeing. It's not for everyone and most Adventists acknowledge that there are degrees of compliance to the dietary and social guidelines outlined by the church.

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“He’s an athletic kid who has very good range to both sides and has a strong arm," said an NL scout on Friday. “So he’ll take away some hits — I’ve seen him make some spectacular plays — but he’s sure-handed, too, and makes the plays he’s supposed to make."

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Like the Note 4 the Nexus 6 has the powerful Qualcomm 2.7GHz Snapdragon 805 processor with 3GB of RAM. Everything is snappy, smooth and the Nexus 6 will be able handle anything a user is likely to do without breaking a sweat.

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“Now, finally, we have a spacecraft on the verge of unveiling this mysterious, alien world. Soon it will reveal myriad secrets Ceres has held since the dawn of the solar system,” said Marc Rayman, of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, chief engineer and mission director of the Dawn mission.

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Art is inherently artificial. To present the stance that its examples are either fake or true reduces the question to primitive binary dualism, which overlooks the multifariousness and synthesis of its expressions.

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"Whilst it is of course necessary to have sanctions in the benefit system, I think we should introduce a sort of traffic light system so that some of the sanctions are not imposed quite as 'overnight' as they sometimes are," he said.

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He studied our signs and picked up our materials. And then he began to get agitated. We braced ourselves for a European version of NRA rants we’d heard so many times in the U.S., even from police officers.

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"Several dispersal orders have been given, and the crowd has ignored the orders. In response to the violence officers have utilized tear gas and smoke in an effort to disperse the crowd," she said.

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Italy is the country with the oldest mafia in the world—indeed, the very word mafia has Italian origins. But ever since the 1980s and early 1990s, when the Italian mafia was planting bombs on highways to kill state magistrates, mafia-related homicides have nose-dived. Between 1992 and 2012, murders related to organized crime dropped around 80 percent, according to the United Nations.

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“We never felt threatened,” Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman said after the 24-14 victory. “Our defense isn’t complicated at all. They want to hurry up, we got simple schemes. Man up, stand up.”

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Here’s how it works. The machine has motion sensors on it and automatically launches into a video greeting when a user approaches. The machine’s avatar -- whose default setting is an Italian man in a grey suit -- presents the user with a personalised menu based on his or her most frequently ordered items.

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About 66 percent of respondents said the biggest reason for withdrawing money was poor performance, with 82 percent of the investors saying they would reinvest the withdrawn money with another fund. Money that does not go back into hedge funds will go to cash or fixed income vehicles, the investors said.

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"There is an increasing body of academic research that is of the view that unless something is done then the 2C target is off the table because there is not going to enough of the available global carbon budget left."

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The measure is understood to have been put in place by the Ministry of Defence, at least in part to save on utility bills. Many of Britain’s Army barracks are outdated and inefficient, and the Army believes shutting them through most of December will help to meet tight Whitehall budgets. About 100 barracks around the country will be managed by a minimal number of staff providing basic security and answering telephones.


By the time Cosby assumed the mantle of America’s dad in the '80s with the groundbreaking “The Cosby Show,” Pryor’s tortured life had given way to a career bottom from which he would never rise.

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“But I’ve got to look at the film and try to make a judgment on the quarterback situation. We’re all searching for answers in this building to try to find out who can lead us to victories and who can get this offense on a roll. That obviously is still to be determined.”

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"You are not part of this pledge to save the last branch in town?" the BBC's Simon Jack asks Steven Cooper, chief executive of Barclays personal and corporate banking. "We'll put branches where they need to be... it's about where there is strong demand," he says. Barclays has closed 50 branches this year as people move to online and telephone banking.

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"I spoke to some gang-rape survivors and they said they were discouraged by their families and communities to seek justice, they were also threatened by the rapists and their families. Even the police didn't take them seriously," says Mr Devineni.

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After Sergio Garcia scored for visiting Espanyol in the 13th minute, Messi curled in a goal in first-half injury time and put Barcelona ahead in the 50th off a cross from Luis Suarez. Gerard Pique headed in Ivan Rakitic's corner kick three minutes later, Pedro Rodriguez made it 4-1 in the 77th and Messi scored in the 81st for his 29th Barcelona hat trick, his 21st in La Liga.

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For the record, Beckham said, their hands were about the same size — though James apparently has a bigger thumb. James also told Beckham he could’ve made that incredible, leaping, one-handed catch that Beckham made against the Cowboys, too.

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The company said the cancer genome browser on the BlackBerryPassport enables deep, interactive reporting on genomics datafor physicians. It gives oncologists a tool to view individualgenetic alternations in a disease and allows them to highlightrelevant treatment options.

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“When you’re dealing with something as deeply rooted as racism or bias ” you’ve got to have vigilance but you have to recognize that it’s going to take some time, and you just have to be steady so you don’t give up when we don’t get all the way there,” Obama said.

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The feds are investigating the Graham and Garner cases for possible civil rights violations. But Siegel noted it’s been two decades since the feds last prosecuted a fatal police case in New York.

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Wherever I look I see motionless bodies lying on the crumbling concrete floor of a barren courtyard in the burning sun. The patients appear to have been heavily sedated. Their heads have been shaved and most are dressed in rags with nothing on their feet.

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I've spent many hours of my life in hospitals, and I can't think of anywhere more stressful: the idea of giving birth in one is horrifying. My friend, also a doctor, had similar feelings. She wanted to eschew what she saw as the medicalisation of childbirth and have her baby at home. But her husband was nervous about things going wrong, so she capitulated and agreed on a hospital birth.

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"The fall of $0.80 per gallon of gasoline since June 2014 isboosting U.S. consumer purchasing power by $100 billion,"Societe Generale said in a research note for December. (Editing by Ryan Woo)

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According to the Clinic Compare study, Birmingham is the UK city where plastic surgery is most popular, with 1,089 procedures being arranged during the first nine moths of this year — including boob jobs, nose jobs and liposuction.

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Still, the fund's year-to-date total return of 3.56 percent lags the 4.74 percent total return of the $162.8 billion Pimco Total Return Fund PTTAX.O, which Gross ran for 27 years. And the JPMorgan fund costs more, with a net expense ratio of 0.66 for its institutional shares.

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"Parents will stop doing other things. They'll stop going out, they'll stop having a drink at the weekend. They'll stop having their luxuries before they stop their children having theirs.

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These are the issues I engage every day. The question most often put to me is, why do I care? “Why would you protest and get arrested four times in 14 years, over an old building?” I’ve been asked about solo and nearly solo demonstrations. My answer is that landmarks reflecting the contributions of African-Americans to an often seemingly indifferent nation matter as much as those made by whites.

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“When you can make a play like that even though it’s erased, that’s a big hit,” McCourty said. “It’s tough for refs to make that call. It happened so fast, two guys moving. We’re all telling B, ”Good hit.”’ After lying on the ground for several minutes, Green walked off the field although he appeared wobbly.

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