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"More and more people (in India) are going to be able toaccess news on their mobile devices," Arianna Huffington, thewebsite's editor-in-chief, said at a Delhi launch event onMonday. "It's a great opportunity for us."

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German industrial output rose 0.2% in October, thanks to a rise in construction activity. But that figure was less than many economists were expecting. Figures last week showed that that industrial orders rose more than expected. "German industry had a weak start to the fourth quarter but given the better order levels, we expect a strong development in the coming months," said Ulrike Kastens, an economist at Sal Oppenheim.

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In short, proponents of this view argue that parents should be allowed to bring children into the world worrying that their children will be denied a childhood — or being forced to watch as it happens before their very eyes.

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Forbes writers have the ability to call out member comments they find particularly interesting. Called-out comments are highlighted across the Forbes network. You'll be notified if your comment is called out.

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These statements were made by Kevin Mandia, director of operations at the cyber-security organization FireEye (FEYE), in a recent e-mail he has sent to Michael Lynton, CEO of SPE. On Saturday, the e-mail was forwarded by Mr Lynton to all his employees and so it got to the press.

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"Regulation doesn't work very well in the state of Texas because the Railroad Commission doesn't work on the public's behalf," said Dan Dowdey, who is asking Alpine city commissioners to ban fracking in the nearby Permian Basin and Eagle Ford shale formations, though the closest drilling is more than 100 miles away.


If your Wi-Fi router has antennas, and you need the signal to go through a wall, position the antennas in straight angles so they go right through the wall. Signals that travel through walls at an angle can severely reduce Wi-Fi speeds.

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"I think this is a terrible idea," Rogers said. "Our foreign partners are telling us this will cause violence and deaths...Foreign leaders have approached the government and said, 'You do this, this will cause violence and deaths.' Our own intelligence community has assessed that this will cause violence and deaths."

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The carrier is reportedly refusing to honour the original bookings which had been sold by agents in Australia earlier this week for flights between Singapore and destinations in Europe. They claim it took the airline two days to rectify the computer problem.

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A key point is that local prosecutors and the police are on the same team working together on an continuing basis. There is little hope for an unbiased grand jury process unless a special prosecutor is used, and in many cases a special grand jury should be used. The police are not always guilty of excessive force, but they are not always innocent either. Only a unbiased process using a special prosecutor has any hope of getting to the truth.

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In recent years, similar speeches have been delivered, campaigns against corruption and bureaucratic harassment have been announced, and even a tax amnesty has been carried out. But if judged on deeds rather than words, the Russian government has gone in the opposite direction.

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That woman tells us she just returned from Liberia, at the heart of the Ebola epidemic. Lucille Frisicano is a nurse from Webster. She left for Liberia from the Rochester International Airport back in November to help treat patients suffering from the deadly disease. Now, she tells us she’s back and has agreed to a 21-day quarantine in her home. We spoke with Frisicano briefly over the phone on Sunday evening. She said she landed in Rochester on Saturday night and went right to her home. Frisicano says she knew when she left for Liberia in November that she would come home and be quarantined but says she still decided to go.

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"Perhaps the most surprising thing is that, despite apparently being created in a spirit of self-doubt, it sounds fresh and cohesive, bouncing out of the speakers with a youthful spring in its step."

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“In addition, there has been a real drive to embrace and lead regional collaboration, with major crime, serious and organised crime and specialist operational services such as roads policing and armed policing being delivered with neighbouring forces. We led the creation of the East Midlands Criminal Justice Service, which will see for the first time an integrated criminal justice IT platform across four forces.

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First, although Britain’s public sector deficit is still large, it is much closer to a sustainable level than appeared likely even quite recently. In March 2013, the OBR forecast that the deficit would equal 7.5% of GDP in 2013-14 and 6.5% of GDP in 2014-15. A year and a half later, those figures are 5.6% and 5.0% of GDP.

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Officials have said Hagel, who resigned under pressure, had not always spoken up at meetings and seemed out of his depth on the Middle East. In remarks at the nomination ceremony, Carter told Obama: "I pledge to you my most candid strategic advice."

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Cosby's camp unwittingly intensified the scandal on Twitter by asking supporters to create viral online parodies, or "memes," about him, and were instead barraged with Internet satires about the rape accusations.

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Brent crude fell around 1.5 percent to $68.07 abarrel, approaching a five-year low of $67.53 hit last week,with a forecast cut by Morgan Stanley exacerbating the fall. (Additional reporting by the China economics team; Editing byToby Chopra)

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Hundreds of people turned out on the streets of southeast Washington on Friday to pay tribute to Barry as his casket was transported on a horse-drawn carriage for a memorial service at the Temple of Praise church, where he had worshipped.

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The game had several momentum swings. After Gostkowski kicked his second 22-yard field goal of the first half, Brandon Bolden blocked a punt by Mike Scifres to give New England the ball on the San Diego 28. Scifres hurt his left shoulder on the play and was carted off the field.

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The European Commission has been working on a financial transactions tax since 2011. It was an idea that emerged after the financial crisis and was popular in countries that had spent billions of dollars bailing out banks. But it has run into problems. Eurozone finance ministers were due to sign-off the plan at a meeting this week, but that looks unlikely, as does a 2016 start date for the tax.

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There are two kinds of untruth - lying and faking. The person who is lying says what he or she does not believe. The person who is faking says what he believes, though only for the time being and for the purpose in hand.

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The statement did not give details of the actual number orvalue of transactions during the first 10 months. A spokeswomansaid the growth was underpinned by the increasing adoption ofmobile devices in China, continuous growth in mobile commerce,relatively low cost of mobile platforms compared to computersand the expansion of Alipay's services.

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Actually, Familia may be a better option as a closer if he continues to blossom. He has nastier stuff than Mejia, which is how he held righthanded hitters to a .134 batting average, but he isn’t the complete package yet, as lefties hit .293 against him.

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On Saturday, Australia, another member of the coalition, updated its advice to nationals traveling to and within Egypt, citing reports indicating that "terrorists may be planning attacks against tourist sites, government ministries and embassies in Cairo."

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Florida State's unbeaten record hasn't gotten the respect the Seminoles believe it deserves from the committee. The defending national champions are the only undefeated team in FBS. But numerous close calls and comebacks have led the committee to drop the Seminoles in the rankings.

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He also announced the introduction of a procedure which will make it possible for a blood sample to be taken from a driver who is incapacitated, for example, if they are unconscious following a serious accident, and test that specimen for intoxicants.

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Business, such as it is, continues. The Cabinet and its subcommittees meet and take decisions. The quad of senior ministers continues to sign off the big stuff, like last week's Autumn Statement. The Government governs.

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The center, which aims in part to fight racism, was founded by researchers whose pioneering studies were cited in the U.S. Supreme Court ruling Brown v. Board of Education declaring segregation in public schools unconstitutional.

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The couple rarely stayed in the apartment over the past year despite completing a massive renovation. Instead, they treated the property as an occassional pied--terre, one resident of the building told the News.

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But now cops are being told, principally and politically by the mayor of New York City, one who is distancing himself from his own police force even as he insists he isn’t doing anything of the kind, that the rules have to change now. This really means the rules of engagement between white cops and the public, particularly when the public is black.

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