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Kerry was a lead negotiator in the failed talks this spring and said he doesn’t expect new talks to resume tomorrow, but that the current status quo is unsustainable. He condemned both the firing of rockets into Israel by Hamas — the militant wing of the Palestinian political party of the same name — from the Gaza Strip, as well as Israel’s attacks in Hamas-held territory, saying that no community should have to endure the loss of thousands of its citizens.

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Residents in Damascus said they heard loud explosions and opposition activists posted photos online of jet streams in the evening sky and fiery explosions. Syria's army general command said on state television that there were "material losses in some facilities." It said the strike benefited al Qaeda.

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"You are not part of this pledge to save the last branch in town?" the BBC's Simon Jack asks Steven Cooper, chief executive of Barclays personal and corporate banking. "We'll put branches where they need to be... it's about where there is strong demand," he says. Barclays has closed 50 branches this year as people move to online and telephone banking.

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"Now of course I feel that way too because I'm healthier. And when I had my second daughter [7–year–old Grier], I thought she was the most beautiful baby I'd ever seen in my whole life because I was healthy at the time."

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