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“Of course it was personal,” Greene said. “I haven’t beaten these guys since I’ve been here and me being a senior I wanted to go out on a high note. . . . Winning it here is much bigger of a game than us winning it at home. It’s a big win for us.”

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Cashman’s focus on Sunday was simply putting on a good show for the hundreds assembled for the event, during which he chased after the Grinch, rappelling down a building to get back the bag of toys the Grinch had stolen.

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Christmas is the perfect opportunity to extend our circle of love and empathy beyond our immediate family and close friends. You and I need not look far to find someone for whom Christmas seems not to be coming. Every year my wife and I deliver gifts to prisoners’ children through Prison Fellowship’s Angel Tree program, and it’s a highlight of our Advent celebrations. Other organizations do great work reaching out as well, and all rely on the time and generosity of volunteers. If you know a prisoner’s family personally, go out of your way to let them know they are welcome at your church’s worship services. Offer to watch an incarcerated parent’s children so that their caregiver can have a day off or time to run holiday errands. Buy them a tank of gas so children can visit their parent at prison. Care for them in the same way you would care for any family with a deep need, without holding them responsible for their loved one’s mistakes.

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At a news conference with President Ashraf Ghani, Hagel said the original plan to cut U.S. troop levels to 9,800 by the end of 2014 had been abandoned, but not because of the recent surge in Taliban attacks.

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"The authorities use an army of censors to target individuals and imprison many activists solely for exercising their right to free expression online," said William Nee, Amnesty's Hong Kong-based researcher.

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The casket lay between two giant posters of Beliveau in his prime as an imposing center on the powerhouse Canadiens teams of the 1950s and 1960s. Also on display were the Stanley Cup and three other trophies he won — Hart (MVP), Lady Byng (sportsmanship) and Conn Smythe (playoff MVP).

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The iPod Classic was launched in 2002, with the higher capacity 120GB and 160GB versions launching in 2007. The slimmer iPod Nano and then iPod Touch were launched thereafter, making the chunky iPod Classic look outdated.

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With Congress gridlocked, the court's role has become moreprominent, so much so that the nation's most influentialbusiness lobby, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, has hired fiveformer Supreme Court clerks.

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"Such a movement to the community is intended to improve the quality of people's lives. However, unless the community is truly organised and resourced to support ageing people with ID when there are complex health issues, their experience may instead be one of social isolation, loneliness and new forms of institutionalisation,' she insisted.

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When the costs were compared to median income for a married couple, New York topped the list for least affordable center-based care across three different age groups: infant care (16% of income), four year olds (13%) and before/after school care for school-aged kids (12%).

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