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** Proceeds raised will help bank buy a local retail bank,25 pct of a Georgian water utility & further hospitals, ahead ofthe planned healthcare IPO in 2015 (RM:esha.vaish.thomsonreuters.com@reuters.net)

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"There's been a shrinkage of disposable income among the working poor in the UK as bills go up and wages are flat," says the BBC's social affairs correspondent Michael Buchanan on Today. More help is needed to prevent families in the UK going hungry, the Archbishop of Canterbury has said. Food is being wasted in "astonishing" amounts but hunger "stalks large parts" of the country, Justin Welby wrote in the Mail on Sunday.

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The latest Purchase Managers Index produced for Ulster Bank by research firm Markit has shown a loss of momentum in private sector as output, new orders and employment all rose at a slower pace in November.

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“The Winter Meetings sequesters all of us and it’s the industry’s way of saying, ”Make a decision,’” Cashman said. “Everybody’s had their chances to stare each other down, make their suggestions, turn each other down. It’s time to put all the chips in the middle of the table.

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When the costs were compared to median income for a married couple, New York topped the list for least affordable center-based care across three different age groups: infant care (16% of income), four year olds (13%) and before/after school care for school-aged kids (12%).

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This caused Bergoglio a great deal of trouble as part of the head of the Jesuit order in Argentina. Made provincial in 1973, Bergoglio soon upset a powerful and ideological elite in the order who hated his popularity, and the direction he was taking the order. A bitter struggle ensued and despite being a popular and successful provincial, by 1990 he was exiled from the order after the anti-Bergoglio Jesuits successfully petitioned Rome to have him removed from his post.

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In addition to an increase in ULEVs, the plan would see parts of central Paris reducing private car use by introducing semi-pedestrianised zones. Vehicle use inside these zones would be limited to the cars of residents, and emergency and delivery vehicles. Buses, taxis and bicycles would not be affected.

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"My knee feels really good. I don't think about my knee at all," said Vonn, who captured downhill gold at the 2010 Vancouver Games. "I don't ski differently because of it. I'm back to doing what I used to do."

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US scientists studied data on almost 900 people from 1971 to 2012. Information about the participants' mothers' weight prior to pregnancy was known. Around one in 10 of the mothers were overweight before they became pregnant.

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