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The Bloodhound requirement is for VHF radio comms between the car and the team, over the whole track, plus a high-capacity data network to stream live video and live data from the car during every run.

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Moreover, the GOP needs to worry about overreach, Democrats say. Any specific effort to undo the executive action is likely to be vetoed by Obama. That leaves Republicans in the same position as they were with the Affordable Care Act. They could hold a series of votes opposing it or defunding it, but none would get signed into law. And the difference with immigration, notes Rep. Elijah Cummings, D-Md., is that the substance of the order (as opposed to the process) is indeed popular with the public, in a way Obamacare is not.

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Sims was brilliant, completing 23 of 27 for 262 yards as Alabama pulled away with a 21-point fourth quarter. T.J. Yeldon and Derrick Henry each had a couple of touchdown runs. Amari Cooper did nothing to hurt his Heisman chances, setting an SEC championship record with 12 receptions.

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At the forum, former Ambassador Eric Edelman, a member of the National Defense Panel, former undersecretary of defense for policy and Foreign Policy Initiative board member, told attendees, “If we don’t get rid of sequester and the [Budget Control Act] caps on the defense budget, it seemed clear to us as a panel that the United States will not be able in the future to continue to play that role” of providing “a framework for international order and a rules-based international system.”

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One of China's best-known dissidents has accused Mark Zuckerberg of kowtowing to Beijing after Facebook's billionaire founder reportedly said he had urged colleagues to read a new book of speeches by president Xi Jinping.

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More than 55 percent of all mobile transactions in the yearthrough October, however, still came from first-tier cities andcoastal provinces including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong,Zhejiang and Jiangsu.

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"It goes to show that people in Westminster don't give a monkeys about the people they represent. After all that happened with the expenses scandal, these people are still out for themselves."

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Afterward, the opposing lawyer, Sellers, said the decisionoverturned four decades of class-action jurisprudence. Thebusiness community hailed the decision as one that would curtailspecious suits. Gibson Dunn posted a letter to clients the dayafter the ruling.

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"Chest discomfort or pain can be confused as a symptom of asthma, but because asthma increases the risk of heart attack and treatments for each are quite different, patients need to take chest pain and other symptoms of heart attack seriously and seek prompt treatment," the team from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, said.

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The two new ETFs will bring the number of exchange-tradedproducts linked to indexes in the Hang Seng Family of Indexes to31, with listings on 17 stock exchanges across the world and atotal of more than $17.8 billion in assets under management.

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In 1992, Italy set up the National Anti-Mafia Office, a body of Italian magistrates dealing exclusively with cases related to organized crime. They facilitate communication and coordination between the various prosecutors working on mafia crimes.

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Lonmin, dragged into the red this year by a bruisingfive-month strike, said the rebuild at its Number One Furnacewould mean sales volumes were pushed into the second half ofnext year but it believed it could still remain within the termsof its borrowing facilities.

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“Their limited options for savings will push them to make deeper cuts to neighbourhood policing and they may struggle to respond to unexpected events - for example, public order issues such as rioting or demonstrations or a major crime such as a murder, kidnap or rape,” said Mr Winsor’s report.

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Nowotny said that the European Central Bank had struck a middle ground in its monetary policy, between extremes in the United States that called for full-blown money printing and others that wanted the ECB to take a less expansive path.

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Brooklyn’s district attorney said on Friday (December 1) that a grand jury would consider charges against Peter Liang, the officer who shot Gurley. Police say Liang may have accidentally discharged his gun.

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The lawsuit filed by Joseph Mazzei, a California resident, contends that HomEq kept charging borrowers monthly late fees even after their mortgages went into default, making the full amounts owed immediately due.

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“I think when you have blacks and whites of all ages marching in the streets the way they did in New York, and we had the family on CBS this morning, and they’re very comforted by the turnout and how peaceful the protests have been,” she said. “I’m hoping this will be a teachable moment for many many, many people.

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Despite the much-repeated "One True Champion" slogan for the only power-five conference with a round-robin schedule and no championship game, Bowlsby has publicly said that Baylor and TCU (both 11-1, 8-1 Big 12) will be presented as co-champions to the playoff selection committee even though the Bears beat the Horned Frogs 61-58 on Oct. 11.

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Matthew Pointon, the property economist at Capital Economics has been looking at the affordability of homes. He concludes that "ultra-low interest rates are only just providing a sufficient offset for today's high prices". House price growth will be subdued he says, as all but the wealthiest first-time buyers have been excluded from the property market.


"I wasn’t doing too good at the beginning but I thought I could hang in there," he said. "If this fever just broke, I thought I would be all right. It finally broke on the front nine."

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Because Cosby is, in reality, no different from those obscure priests — a man incalculably more powerful than his victims; a man who costumed his savagery in the safe, harmless garb of an innocent.

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"There is a lot of rage, but it is not just this case," said political science student Jimena Rodriguez at the Saturday night march. "There are so many missing, and they do not have the least interest in really investigating."

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Woods had to use the bushes off the side of the driving range to vomit and had another episode on the first hole — before making birdie. He doubled over several times on the front nine with the dry heaves. But he hung in there in a tournament that’s for the benefit of his Foundation, never thinking of not playing.

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"The oil price fall is gift from god for Abe ... but a source of headache for Kuroda, who wants to achieve his 2 percent inflation target at an early date," said Ryutaro Kono, chief Japan economist at BNP Paribas Securities.

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A 2012 poll conducted in the southern city of Guangzhou revealed that 79% of respondents believed organ donation was "noble". However, 81% were concerned the donations "inevitably feed the organ trade."

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The matchup between top-ranked Alabama and Ohio State will pit head coaches Nick Saban and Urban Meyer against each other. Meyer won two national titles with Florida, and lost to Saban’s Crimson Tide in the 2009 SEC Championship Game. Alabama won that contest, 32-13, and claimed the next regular season matchup, 31-6. That was the last time the two friends of New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick battled as Meyer stepped down from his Florida position that following offseason.

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Authorities said Giussepe Tombolan, 22, was arrested Thursday several weeks after he arrived in Peru with the dogs. Grossman said it was the first time Peruvian officials had discovered someone trying to smuggle drugs inside dogs.

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His father, Buck, terrified Pryor. Tall, muscled and vicious, he would lay fists to his son with little or no provocation. Buck died of a heart attack in bed with a prostitute and his 13-year-old daughter, Sharon, when Pryor was 27.

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“Black Lives Matter” has become, like an earlier generation’s use of the terms “Freedom Now” and “We Shall Overcome,” an anthem for contemporary civil and human rights activism. The struggle for black equality historically and now, offers us all a chance to transform and save American democracy.

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The danger, however, is that the need to tackle a serious social problem will become subsumed into a larger Left-wing agenda, with demands that an unfeeling government does more to help the poor, for instance, by reversing its welfare reforms. In fact, ministers have done an enormous amount to help: raising income-tax thresholds, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs, and transforming welfare so as to encourage people out of dependency and into work. The charities and volunteers who provide their own food to others should be commended for their generosity and dedication. But more handouts from the state is not the long-term answer to Britain’s hunger problem.

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The article, which represents the nation's most detailed response about the attack to date, denounced South Korea, accusing Seoul of "floating the false rumor that the North was involved in the hacking."

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Police made several arrests among the demonstrators who numbered well over 500, and a number of stores in Berkeley were looted. One demonstrator who tried to prevent the looting was assaulted, police said.

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In the wake of the Iranian Revolution in 1979, British policy-makers became obsessed with addressing the concerns of the Gulf states, not least since they were among the world’s major energy exporters. Throughout the Eighties, Britain provided clandestine support to Saddam Hussein to prevent his country from being overrun by Ayatollah Khomeini’s forces. When Saddam subsequently made the grave miscalculation, in 1990, of invading Kuwait, Britain dispatched the legendary Desert Rats to liberate the Emirate.

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Framed photographs of Elsa dominate the lounge together with those of Boy and Girl, pictured with McKenna. “They had been regimental mascots for the Royal Scots Guards in Nairobi when we met them, and they were adorable. Boy was very boisterous. Once he took a friendly leap at me and broke my ankle It was only play. When I came back from hospital, he put his head through the car window so I knew everything was all right.”

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Britain's first video banking service is being launched by Barclays today. To be precise, it's the first you can use outside of a branch. "It's a secure link," says Steven Cooper, chief executive of Barclays personal and corporate banking. Customers will be put through to Barclays staff in Liverpool and Sunderland, he says. Will there be a queue? "We hope not," says Mr Cooper.

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But all of my pent up anger isn’t going to do anything to fix the issue that is plaguing every species on the planet and the planet itself. It’s time to start making a change by banding together and making a conscious effort to start improving the environment.

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How you define job hopping is important. Some statistics show that the average employee stays at a company for about four years, while a younger employee stays there for closer to two. So we’re not talking three-month stints here.


The founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, told the BBC's Mark Lobel in Dubai he supports plans to tax multinationals on their UK profits at a higher rate than corporation tax. He also said of comedian Russell Brand, who himself has criticized tax avoidance: "he knows he is a ridiculous character... but he wouldn't be resonating with people if there wasn't something to it."

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China's leaders are reluctant to repeat strong stimulus similar to the one implemented during the height of the global crisis, which resulted in piles of debt, but they are mindful of the risk that a sharper growth slowdown could undermine reforms.

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Technicians found the source of the odor to be chlorine in a 9th floor stairwell that was released in what appeared to be an intentional manner, the statement said. The incident remains under investigation.

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Beliveau won 10 Stanley Cups as a player with the Canadiens from 1950 to 1971 and another seven as an executive. In 1,125 regular-season games, he had 507 goals and 712 assists. He is best remembered as an iconic team captain, and for his grace off the ice.

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WASHINGTON — Heralded as a musical genius who rose from a British shipyard hometown to make his mark, Sting will receive the nation’s highest honor Sunday for influencing American culture through the arts.

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The establishment of the redress scheme had been announced last July, but had been criticised by some survivors for a number of reasons, including the lack of independent adjudication in relation to awards made.

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On Monday in Brussels, ECB President Mario Draghi will tell euro zone finance ministers no amount of stimulus can replace reforms to tax, labor and pension systems to bring down near-record unemployment.

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“I’m not a big rah-rah guy, so to hear the boos and finally get that score...” said Harvin, who had his first receiving touchdown since he was a Viking in 2012. “Staring was a pretty good feeling.”

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"You don't want anyone to see the tiny 'welcome' sign in front of that door for mainland investors," said Chen, who works in the ministry's Bureau of Energy, which is in charge of Taiwan's first offshore wind power generation project.

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Rehearsals like this one originated with a Massachusetts-based chapter of The Arc, an advocacy organization for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families, with the intention of alleviating some of the stress of air travel for children with autism.

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That sounds like quite the deal, but the offer comes with several strings attached. You'll need to turn in your Verizon or AT&T handsets to qualify for the deal, and buy a new device on Sprint's installment/lease programs. If you don't hand over your old phone within 30 days of activating your new device, Sprint will charge you $200 per device.

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The prosecution accused the Kenyan government of failing to hand over what it described as vital evidence - phone records and bank statements belonging to the president - which it alleges may have shown a link between Mr Kenyatta and the Mungiki street gang, who it was claimed, the president commissioned to carry out the killings.

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