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Uber has faced critical news coverage over its driver screening in the United States, and has apologized for comments by an executive who suggested "digging up dirt" on journalists investigating the firm.

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"Now we are getting very big help. From the government. From the Europeans. When they got the message from the media, that's when we got help. I'm very happy now," he says, declaring that "we are totally having control" over Ebola.

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Mexico's Attorney General Jesus Murillo Karam found evidence that Jose Luis Abarca, the arrested former mayor of Iguala, and his wife were working with the Guerreros Unidos (United Warriors) drug gang.

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** At current prices, Hochschild's operations remainmarginal, raising the possibility that it will forced tooptimize production beyond 2015 if metal prices remain weak, RBCanalyst Jonathan Guy says

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The trial of Terrence Pendergrass, who prosecutors say was the captain on duty when Jason Echevarria swallowed a so-called soap ball in 2012, comes amid growing calls for reform at Rikers, one of the world's largest jail complexes.

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Leading 14-13, the Ravens were helped by a replay reversal midway through the fourth quarter. Flacco fumbled attempting to throw and Miami recovered, but a review determined his arm was moving forward when he lost the ball, and the play was ruled an incomplete pass.

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Keir Simmons is a foreign correspondent based in London. Simmons joined NBC News in 2012 from ITN’s ITV News where he was the U.K. editor. For NBC News he has covered stories as diverse as the conflict in Syria to the birth of the royal baby.

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But it was not all cute capers. At least 19 people needed hospital treatment for nausea and dizziness. And monkey business is suspected. It is thought chlorine powder left deliberately in a ninth-floor stairwell is what made the fur fly.

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No ransom was paid for Korkie as his kidnappers eventuallyrelented on an earlier demand for $3 million, Gift of theGivers, the relief group that had tried to secure his release, said. The group had expected Korkie to be freed on Sunday.

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More than 200 carers have already taken part in the study, which began last June, however it now wants to recruit more volunteers. They should be over the age of 50 and currently be providing care for a spouse or common-law partner with dementia in the home.

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Markus Diebler won Germany's first gold medal in a world record 50.66 seconds in the men's 100m individual medley, while Brazil's Etiene Medeiros also set a new global mark of 25.67 seconds in the women's 50m backstroke.

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Usually I carry a big canvas beach bag but the last time I wore a little cross-body bag, it got stolen when I left it on the floor by my feet at a bar, with my passport, money and keys inside. That’s been my only blot of bad luck on the landscape of Sitges.

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The top-of-the-range iPhone comes to a surprising 789. If your budget doesn’t stretch that far there are plenty of cheaper options. The Moto G 4G, for instance, comes in at just 140 without a SIM card or contract. For that you get the ability to connect to the new, faster 4G network, a bright 4.5in screen and Android KitKat 4.4. There’s also a usable five mega pixel camera and 8GB of storage space for pictures or music. It’s certainly no slouch, and you could buy several of them for the price of an iPhone.

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Fliers of the Atari generation had a little fun with this totally rad safety video that featured big hair, v-shaped electric guitars, Alf, and Rubik’s Cubes. It was a hilarious trip down memory lane (for some), as the video was viewed over one million time on YouTube.

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Expressing deep concern over the recent incidents of minorities who are killed by white police officers, US President Barack Obama said that racism is “deeply rooted” in the country and immediate reforms are required to tackle such fatal incidents.

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The motivation for the killings, the attorney general's office says, was that the students' protest in the town was disrupting plans the mayor's wife had for a political rally the following morning.

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The former first minister said it "provided an oil fund for the north of England", while the north east of Scotland which has produced 40bn barrels of oil, was not given a "red cent".

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But this isn’t about age. It is about whether or not Coughlin can create the kind of winning environment — it is what great coaches do — with these Giants the way he did with the old Giants. Because they are two completely different teams, whether or not Eli is still around as the quarterback, that is completely apparent by now.


Pertussis also called whooping cough or the 100 days’ cough is a disease caused by a bacterium (Bordetella pertussis) and is extremely contagious. The disease usually targets young people and infants. The coughing fits last about six weeks and there’s no effective treatment for pertussis. However, doctors recommend antibiotics to shorten bacteria’s life span.

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Although the circumstances of Garner’s death were unlike any Dante could ever reasonably expect to meet, de Blasio said: “Chirlane and I have had to talk to Dante for years about the dangers that he may face,” adding, “We’ve had to literally train him . . . in how to take special care in any encounter he has with the police officers who are there to protect him.”

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Mr Ehlers says he is "very heartened" by SnapScan's growth, with approximately 14,000 merchants accepting payments using the service in South Africa, and thousands of users making payments each week.

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“They have a sound system and they have great players in every spot,” said Sanchez, now 0-2 against Pete Carroll, his college coach. “We just didn’t really give our best showing and that’s unfortunate because that would have been a good one for us.”

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