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Clashes in east Ukraine, where Russian-backed separatistrebels are fighting Kiev government troops, have continueddespite the signing of a ceasefire three months ago, and thedeath toll has risen to more than 4,300 since mid-April.

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Meanwhile, Taylor stillbuys groceries for her mother and pays for other expenses.As she says, "Whatcan you do?" Her mother simply can't make ends meet the $1,500 a month she gets from Social Security.

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We are now reaping the consequences of encouraging children to study soft subjects to get the number of GCSE passes up. This country has rarely valued science and technology as highly as it should, despite the fact that our prosperity depends on it.


I go through all my unread email. Anything that needs dealing with, I add the "thing" to a separate task list that I trust. That task list then becomes my priority (not sorting through my emails).

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Draghi also said those figures did not fully capture the recent plunge in oil prices. The main question seems to be whether it happens in January or March (there is no policy meeting in February under a new six-weekly schedule).

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New Yorkers pay the same amount for speeds that are 20 times slower (up to 25 Mbps, with upload speeds of just 2 Mbps). And far too many New Yorkers, their numbers closely correlated with socio-economic status, don’t have high-capacity Internet access at home.

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Ryan is expected to draw interest from some of the six or more teams likely to have head coaching vacancies after the season. He will opt for a television job over another defensive coordinator position, according to people close to him.

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The Conservatives are in the grip of a "pre-election panic" and have resorted to "pandering to Ukip" and pursuing a policy of "austerity forever", Danny Alexander says as the Coalition civil war reaches new heights.

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The DXY dollar index — a gauge of the currency's strength versus a basket of its biggest trading partners — has added another 0.2 per cent today, after rocketing last week thanks to a sterling set of jobs figures from the US.

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Falling oil prices have hit the country hardest and in an effort to boost the economy Putin announced a four-year freeze on tax rates to help businesses. He predicted budget cuts of at least 5 percent over the next three years.

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New York City is miles from the global cutting edge when it comes to Internet access: People in Hong Kong pay about $35 a month for Internet access service, with equal download and upload speeds of 500 Mbps.

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"It is particularly striking that our research did not find evidence that other major events affecting the adult children of these parents such as the child becoming unemployed, divorced, separated or widowed had an impact on the mental health of the parent, whereas emigration negatively affected mothers as measured by symptoms of depression, loneliness and self-reported emotional/mental health," Dr Mosca said.

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Meanwhile, the Green House solution to high public debt is to carry out an audit to determine whether it was incurred with the consent of the people and for their benefit. Debt that didn’t satisfy these criteria would be deemed “odious” and repudiated. Such proposals are echoed by left-wing populist parties such as Spain’s Podemos and Greece’s Syriza.

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With around $650 billion in external debt, more than $100billion due for repayments in the coming year and global capitalmarkets effectively shut to Russia, companies, both private andstate-run, are suffering.

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