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What followed instead was a sophisticated critique of policing practices in the U.S., and a set of questions that mystified him: Why do our cops seem to use their guns so often? Aren’t they taught force escalation protocols, with the use of their sidearm as the last resort? After the Swiss officer came Dutch, French and German officers — all with similar critiques, similar questions, and the same professional pride in their own training and their restrained use of force.

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"People are really pleased to see you when you walk in the room," he continues. "The hardest trick is the first trick but as soon as you hit them with a really great magic trick, the applause starts and it spreads round the room. It's such a lovely feeling."

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He said that he was simply cheering for both teams and just "being a regular fan" when ushers started asking him repeatedly to "cool down" before they "started putting hands on me" in the third quarter.

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"The high risk associated with economic vulnerability remains statistically significant with other characteristics controlled. This means that it was not due to differences in family type, level of education of the primary caregiver or relationship breakdown," it said.

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Smith also picked up nominations in Song of the Year, for "Stay with Me," and best Pop Vocal Album nod for "In the Lonely Hour." Song of the Year contenders also include Swift's "Shake it Off," Trainor's "All About That Bass" and Sia's "Chandelier," alongside Hozier's "Take Me to the Church."

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The Liberal Democrat approach is to stay the course we have set in this parliament, until the job is complete in 2017-18. It is sad to see the Conservatives move away from the sensible, balanced approach of the Coalition, to a more doctrinaire policy that would inflict unnecessary pain on the people of Britain.

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We lap up the juicy gossip like a drunk does box wine. Then, because we need to in order to validate our trust, we buy the powerful guy’s powerful flak attacks on the alleged victim, believing that she — whether “she” was Paula Jones standing up to President Bill Clinton, or Mia Farrow protecting her brood — is just an angry harridan out for revenge after being rejected.


If you hop on over to the UK store, fortunately the same is true for the 16GB and 64GB models, with a three to five day wait listed. And for once, matters are even better when it comes to the top capacity model, as we only have to wait five to seven days for an iPhone 6 or iPhone phablet 128GB edition, a few days less than in the States.

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The bank aims to have businesses in its investment bank with top-three market positions that can earn a healthy return on capital, and in the past has chosen to exit or scale-back in many of the areas which did not meet the criteria, such as commodities.

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"The more physically active people were, the fewer depressive symptoms they reported. Just as someone might be a little overweight but not clinically overweight or obese, many people who are not clinically depressed could still experience some depressive symptoms," she noted.

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The climate controversy is one of the world’s most important discussions. At stake are billions of dollars, countless jobs, and, if U.N. representatives now meeting in Peru are right, the fate of the global environment itself. We need leaders in science, engineering, economics, and public policy to contribute to the debate without fear of retribution.

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"I believe as a profession, doctors have a duty to try and address this growing issue at all levels - from universities, individual hospitals and professional societies. Burnout should not be stigmatised as a weakness. We need to support colleagues by focusing on recovery and prevention," Dr Banerjee insisted.

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In friendly exchanges that belied Facebook's status in China, where it has been blocked since 2009, Lu and Facebook Inc founder Mark Zuckerberg greeted each other in Mandarin and with broad smiles, according to the report, which did not say when, or why, the visit took place.

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It was all going to be different for the Knicks this season, except of course it hasn’t turned out that way at all. Phil Jackson was going to come in and shed light into every dark corner of the organization, use his wit and his wiles to turn the Garden into a brighter, smarter place. The world’s most paranoid arena was going to become something less afraid of the truth.

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"I am afraid and scared," said Teresita Aban, a 58-year-old housewife from Santa Rita in Samar province, wiping away tears and trembling. "We're prepared but still fearful. We haven't finished repairing our house. It still has tarpaulin patches -- and here comes another storm."

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Falling oil prices will also have an impact on the ECB's thinking as it deals with very low inflation. Brent crude slipped 57 cents to settle at $69.07 a barrel on Friday, averaging below $70 in the week for the first time since 2010.

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The table-top machine, slightly taller than a regular coffee maker, drew curious gazes while on display this week at the Colombia's Coffee Growers' Federation congress in Bogota, as beans swirled inside its tiny roasting chamber, glowing orange while a fresh brew trickled into the pot below.

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"Overall we played pretty solid, and (Anderson) gave us a chance to win the game, but we just couldn't get the puck in the net," Karlsson said. "That's frustrating sometimes, but at least we played well for most of the 60 minutes. We just have to build off that."

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