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“This is a creative way to preserve and maintain public housing for the future and to bring in much needed money for repairs,” a Housing Authority spokeswoman said. “(The city) is leveraging the value of its properties and tapping into new capital.”


The appointments caused a stir in the Ukrainian media. "The authorities seem to say that there is a dearth of professionals in our country - this is not the case," said Den, an analytical daily.

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Stewart fell through the cracks — and to St. John’s — in part because of a knee injury that kept him out of high profile games at Los Angeles powerhouse Westchester High. He isn’t currently permitted to give interviews per a new St. John’s policy but has said informally the injury also might have frightened off schools that had shown interest, including TCU, USC and Cal State-Northridge.

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"China has always been very hospitable, but we can choose who enters our house," he told reporters in October. "We could not allow any companies to enter China and make money while hurting the country.”

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“Toni cancels her RSVPs once she finds out where Leo is, just to go where he is. But they broke up, then they were together, now they aren’t officially back together either,” says our source. “He’s been partying and dancing with a few other ladies at night and not being with Toni.”

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A high draft pick is an important asset but it is also more of a great unknown than ever before, especially with most first-round picks spending just one year in college. For every Kevin Durant there is a Greg Oden. Or an Eddy Curry.


Britain's first video banking service is being launched by Barclays today. To be precise, it's the first you can use outside of a branch. "It's a secure link," says Steven Cooper, chief executive of Barclays personal and corporate banking. Customers will be put through to Barclays staff in Liverpool and Sunderland, he says. Will there be a queue? "We hope not," says Mr Cooper.

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Even if they part ways with Robertson, the Yankees could have a formidable bullpen again. Miller and Dellin Betances give them two pitchers with the potential to deliver multiple shutdown innings and they could split closing duties. Or the Yankees could search for a veteran closer on the free agent market who would come cheaper than Robertson.

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Barenboim's departure after what he called "nine truly wonderful years" coincides with a change of management at La Scala and generalized disarray in opera houses in the country where the art form was born.

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Stil, Related appears to be taking a more cautious approach to development than some of its peers, such as World Trade Center developer Larry Silverstein. It’s waiting until tenants have committed to moving into its towers before it starts building them.


“The study does raise a troubling implication — the thought that the patient-physician relationship is compromised by these biological explanations. I would hope we could use this information to educate aspiring clinicians so that they don’t (fall) victim to that trend, to bring it to their attention so they can actively combat it,” he said.

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Brosig said she's been inundated with inquiries from companies about how their employees can band together and send cards. Brosig said that families, too, are getting in on the action and creating cards for Addie as a family project. She encouraged people to keep them coming because they're lifting the girl's spirits.

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That's because as individual stocks do well and grow their market capitalization, they get assigned a greater weight in their respective index. In other words, passive index investors can become heavily exposed to yesterday's top performers, claimed Warne.

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“People are saying: ”black lives matter,’” de Blasio announced on Wednesday after the grand jury concluded its work. “It should be self-evident, but our history requires us to say ”black lives matter.’ It was not years of racism that brought us to this day, or decades of racism, but centuries of racism. That is how profound a crisis this is.”

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Somehow demonstrating all that ails the Lakers, Lin had to stop his post-game interview when he felt sharp pain in his left leg. He sat down slowly in a chair, frowning, before standing up again and talking for another few minutes. He then headed into the trainer's room.


Tim Hardaway Jr. netted three 3-pointers and scored 11 of his 13 in the fourth quarter. And Anthony, who had clanked potential tying threes in the final seconds of the Knicks’ previous two losses, buried a straightaway trey with 1:22 remaining to draw the Knicks within 101-99.

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Arguably the most gifted skier from the new generation along with World Cup champion Anna Fenninger of Austria who was eighth on Sunday, Gut claimed her career’s 11th win in one minute and 18.46 seconds.

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There's no money in love, it seems. Online dating firm Cupid is selling all of its online dating operations. It says it could not make a profit due to the pace of change in the industry. Cupid says it will shut the businesses if shareholders do not approve the sale. The seven staff left at the company will try to develop an advertising data business instead.

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The type 2 diabetes workshop will focus on a range of topics, including lifestyle changes, the impact of the condition on heart health, the importance of medication, eye health and the health of the feet.

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Facilities are often small, with the average operator holding no more than 150 beds, analysts said. Because of efficiencies of scale, larger facilities and bigger firms are more likely to have higher margins, as are those that focus on patients that can pay through their own means or private insurance rather than relying on government-backed insurance.

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Other basics of the Tony-Award-winning original production remain: Merrick lives in side-show squalor and abuse before being rescued by the rigid but kindly Dr. Treves (Alessandro Nivola, first-class).

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George was tragically forced to shoot Boy after he mauled a young assistant. He mourned the lion until his own death at the hands of bandits in 1989, insisting in his will that he and Boy be buried side by side. Joy had been murdered nine years previously by a disgruntled cook, and her ashes were scattered over Elsa’s grave.

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This is exactly the reason why I love (in general) Western men. They see women dressed provocatively (in the terms of the people quoted in the article) all the time and we have never faced an epidemic of rape. I have never felt threatened by the men on US/Australian beaches as I surf nearly naked.

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After taking into account heart risk factors, the scientists found that people with asthma who required medication every day for the condition, were 60% more likely to suffer a heart-related event such as a heart attack or stroke during a 10-year follow-up period, compared to those without asthma.

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"In these distressed situations what usually stops theprocess is large funds coming in to buy. But at the moment, ontop of oil prices, you also have political risk which is veryhard to assess," he added, referring to a potential tighteningof sanctions imposed by the West over the Ukraine crisis.

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It found that 64% of respondents identified exhaust emissions from global transport as a major contributor to climate change, compared with 29% considering emissions from the production of meat and dairy as a major source of greenhouse gases.

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Kemba Walker, fearless Bronx kid, did it Friday night, the Hornets inbounding the ball to him with four seconds left, Walker driving past Prigioni and J.R. and Amar’e and laying the ball in with his left hand at the buzzer. Afterward Fisher referenced that foul to give as if it were some kind of sidebar in the Knicks’ last huddle, instead of Topic A in that huddle: Foul as soon as the ball is touched, make them inbound the ball again, just with a second or two gone from the clock and the game.

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In September, state-run media quoted Lu as saying Facebook“cannot” win access in China anytime soon. While the networkis formally blocked, it can be accessed through so-called proxyservices or virtual private networks that sidestep governmentfilters.

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