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Jennings said that if he travels to face the Titans (2-10) then he is definitely playing, although he couched that by also saying that he is a game-time decision. He added that the ankle he hurt in the second half of last Sunday’s loss to Jacksonville isn’t totally healed, suggesting he will be in some pain if he suits up.

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Other movies which won multiple nods at the event were 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' and Polish film 'Ida'. 'The Grand Budapest Hotel', directed by Wes Anderson, won two trophies for best screenplay and production design. 'Ida' also took home two trophies. It was named best foreign language film while Agata Kulesza was handed the best supporting actress gong.

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Shoes. We can’t stress the importance of them enough. They get you noticed, so make sure they do so for the right reasons. When you’re out of the office, opt for a decent pair of leather loafers. Casual, yet elegant, they do a powerful job of telling the world about your accomplishments.

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Florida State's unbeaten record hasn't gotten the respect the Seminoles believe it deserves from the committee. The defending national champions are the only undefeated team in FBS. But numerous close calls and comebacks have led the committee to drop the Seminoles in the rankings.

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The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which tracks the conflict through a network of sources on both sides, said that 10 explosions were heard near Dimas. It said that one missile hit a warehouse for imports and exports at the Damascus international airport.

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For now, it would help to know, at least a little bit, what Jackson is thinking. Instead, we get only the glum, earnest Fisher, telling us in meta-coach-speak to stay the course. “There’s a level of attention to detail we’re still below in order to win these games,” Fisher said after Carmelo Anthony and Pablo Prigioni missed long jumpers at the end. “We have to keep coming back to what’s in front of us at the moment. If we’re fortunate enough to wake up tomorrow, we can only take control of Monday.”

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Puri, who is also head of a U.S.-India political action committee, in an interview said he believed the Feb. 18 press release mischaracterized the settlement, and hurt his personal and professional reputation.

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Shortly after Ukraine gained independence in 1992, she relocated to Kiev, where she joined the economic section of the newly-opened US embassy. In 1995, she joined the Western NIS Enterprise Fund, a private equity firm which distributed US government funds, and rose to be its CEO. In 2004, she co-founded the Horizon Capital investment fund in Kiev and worked as its CEO.

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"He’s always been one that his long swing gets into his putting and his short game. It’s what he does. So he’s fighting some of those things in his chipping technique that he’s trying to do in his big swing. But he’ll be fine."

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The paper's first author Hie Lim Kim, formerly at Penn State and now at Nanyang Technological University, said "It is fascinating to unravel the population history of humankind over the last 150,000 years."

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It is estimated that out of Britain’s fighting Army force of about 80,000 troops, only a few hundred will be on duty. Army barracks abroad in Germany and elsewhere, and training units in countries such as Kenya and Canada, will also close to all but skeleton staff. It is understood the Ministry of Defence in Whitehall will be run by a minimal number of people.

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To increase the competitive tension and secure a betterprice, RBS could break up the business into Asia and Europe,Reuters previously reported. But if RBS decides to sell thebusiness in one chunk, Swiss private banks are seen asfrontrunners for the business, the people said.

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The ideal solution, the authors think, may be a combination of “hard” engineering solutions like dykes matched with “soft” solutions like protecting wetlands to hold water and allow it to seep into the ground.


Since Nissan announced the price it would cost for a replacement battery for its Leaf vehicle, as expected this has raised a concern over its longevity. The thing is, these were the same concerns people had many years ago when the internal combustion engine was first finding its feet because at the time it was new technology, and no one knew how long it would last.

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Economic growth in the West has been accompanied by growing loneliness and depression. This suggests that a materialistic-only philosophy is not in accord with human nature. In the relentless pursuit of growth, other precious things can get damaged. This includes our social environment — our communities and networks of friendship and family — as well as our physical environment.

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Accuser Judy Huth says she was only 15 when Cosby drugged and raped her there. Cosby’s professional cleanup man, Matt Hiltzik then put out a story that Huth had later been in trouble with the law. Who wouldn’t be troubled after being raped at 15? Cause, meet effect.

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The report amounts to the first public accounting of the CIA's use of torture on al-Qaida detainees held in secret facilities in Europe and Asia in the years after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

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Israel has struck Syria several times since the start of the three-year conflict, mostly destroying weaponry such as missiles that Israeli officials said were destined for their long-time foe Hezbollah in neighboring Lebanon.

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The Colts’ Jonathan Newsome is a graduate of Cleveland Glenville High School, and one of hishigh-school teammates was Cardale Jones, who led Ohio State to a 59-0 victory over Wisconsin in theBig Ten championship game on Saturday night.

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And less than two hours after that jump was revealed, the Big Ten was dealt what, at first glance, would be perceived as a slight when Mississippi State went from No. 10 to No. 7, leap-frogging Michigan State at No. 8.

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Dorsett, 60, was diagnosed last year with having signs of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a degenerative condition that’s been associated with depression and dementia. Dorsett, who always had an engaging personality, has said he’s suffered from memory loss, anger issues and depression.

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