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It's quite possible for a few years to elapse before the next record year, and the warming can speed up or slow down for runs of years, as happened for example in the slowdown of warming since the end of the last century.

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As coffee consumption is increasingly associated with sophistication in its mature arabica-focused markets, novelty in preparation has become big business as more cafes boast trained baristas and sales boom in markets such as the $8 billion single-serve segment, dominated by Nestle's Nespresso.

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"Even if they're trying to profit from their kids," she says, "nobody is going to protect your kid like you, right? So if it could only be a healthy relationship like the one Beyoncad [with her manager, father], for example, it could be so good. The problem is that although it may work in the beginning, as the child matures things become greyer and more difficult."

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Peter Wood, esure's chairman, said: "This is another positive milestone for esure Group. Gocompare has always been an exciting business and it has developed strongly following our original investment into one of the UK's leading financial services brands. This move lays the ground for further development of Gocompare as part of the Group's strategy of diversifying income streams."

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"Another result of this vicious circle is that there is a real lack of research on this issue because governments are not really seeing this as an area of public policy to pursue," Mr Bailey said.

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The same thing happens for radio waves. While radio signals travel at the speed of light, Bloodhound's speeds of up to 1000 mph will cause a small but significant frequency shift, so we need to check that the radio comms work at high opening/closing speeds.

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"Persistent survival disparities among Irish breast cancer patients, although not fully understood, suggest unequal use of or access to health services. Our study highlights the need to understand and remove the behavioural or other barriers that may be involved," commented one of the study authors, Dr Julianne Byrne, of the Boyne Research Institute.

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But this food gem was discover only about four inches down. "When the hunter started to dig, he realized how much he had to keep digging and the size of the hole he was making. He couldn't believe it."

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The Nexus 6 also has Motorola’s active display notifications. When the screen is off and a notification comes in it dimly displays the notification in black and white. If the notification hasn’t been cleared it does the same when the Nexus 6 is moved.

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Then they asked us men to step out of the bus. As each man reached the door of the bus, they were asked to put their hand in between a metal pole - used to assist one in getting on the bus - and the door frame. The armed men then twisted one hand of each man and broke it. The sound was dreadful. It was like hearing dry firewood timber being broken.

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"Horrible Bosses 2", starring Jason Bateman, Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis as entrepreneurs who help to stage a kidnapping to get ahead, was third with $8.6 million in sales for the three days from Friday through Sunday, according to Rentrak estimates.

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Rodgers guided Liverpool to a second-place finish in the Premier League last season but the club currently sits in ninth place and is in danger of being ousted in the Champions League this week. Liverpool is struggling to score and Mario Balotelli has been, quite frankly, a disaster on and off the field. Rodgers deserves better, especially from his bosses.

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According to INMO general secretary, Liam Doran, while this plan is more ‘focused and realistic, it simply provides for an overstretched, overworked and under-resourced health service to continue managing crises every day'.

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New England’s Brandon Browner was whistled for a personal foul for hitting Chargers tight end Ladarius Green in the head with his shoulder in the third quarter. The penalty nullified an interception return for a touchdown by Devin McCourty.

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The sharpest recent example is the centrist Kadima movement which was the leading faction in a government as recently as 2009 but has only two members in the current Knesset and could easily disappear altogether from the next.

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A congressional aide noted that the White House has led negotiations to declassify the report since April, and that both the president and his director of national intelligence have endorsed its release. The government has taken steps to beef up security at American posts around the world, said the aide, who was not authorized to be quoted by name and spoke on condition of anonymity.

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