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To be fair, most of our experience with the NYPD happens between these extremes. Many of our congregants’ interactions with NYPD officers are positive. But the extremes persist — in parts of New York and nationwide.

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When Lu noticed a copy of Chinese president Xi Jinping'sbook, "The Governance of China," in a pile on Zuckerberg's desk,Zuckerberg reportedly told him: "I also bought this book for mycoworkers; I wanted them to learn about socialism with Chinesecharacteristics."

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Confident in the stability of her right knee again, the four-time overall champion aggressively charged the course and finished in a time of 1 minute, 50.48 seconds to earn her 15th career win at Lake Louise.

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More recently, Spike Jonze's Her involved a romance between man and operating system, Alex Garland's forthcoming Ex Machina debates the humanity of an android and the new Avengers movie sees superheroes battle Ultron - a super-intelligent AI intent on extinguishing mankind. Which it would do with ease were it not for Thor, Iron Man and their super-friends.

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They say they have built upon earlier work by calculating the effects of climate change coupled with population trends. They warn that the effects of extremes will be exacerbated by the increase in elderly people, who are least able to cope with hot weather.

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For what it’s worth, I’d call out our whining celebrities and those who hide behind them. You don’t like the mansion tax, fine. We’ll fix the council tax. Five-yearly valuations and progressive bands like income tax. Double on foreign investors or second homes. This would help cool the property market and discourage empty houses. I’d also look at the idea of a local income tax, which is used in cities such as New York. I wouldn’t be aiming at increasing the amount of local tax the average person paid, just ensuring that local taxes fell a bit more fairly and that high earners and wealthy property owners paid a bit more.

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The Patriots are likely going to need to win games like this in the postseason, as it's improbable to ask any team to steamroll over three elite foes. That the Pats were able to play their best sustained stretch in the fourth quarter, despite some tenuous moments, illustrates plenty about this squad's character.

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In their day, Bill Cosby and Richard Pryor were very different comic icons. Cosby’s comedy was colorblind while Pryor profanely illuminated just what it meant to be black in America from the release of his landmark 1974 album “That N-----’s Crazy” on.

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As of the end of October 2014, over 100 women have used the pool. In the beginning, it was only used for labour, and women were asked to exit before actually giving birth. However recently, the option of having a full water birth was made available and as a result, '10 out of the last 20 women who have used the pool have chosen to give birth under water'.

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WAYNE'S WORLD: Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne didn't make his first — and only — catch until early in the fourth quarter. Wayne had caught at least three passes in an NFL record 82 straight games. Wayne also tied Manning for the most games played in team history (208), and matched Manning for the most wins (141).

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A trading link that lets Hong Kong and Shanghai investorsbuy and sell shares on each other's bourses went live on Nov.17, the latest step towards opening China's tightly controlledcapital markets.

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The four founders and members of their families sold 32.6 million shares in Infosys at a fixed price of 1,988.87 rupees each, a 4 percent discount to Friday's close, said Deutsche Bank, the sole book runner of the sale. The four were all company executives who left before Sikka took office.


Earlier Sunday, after arriving at John F. Kennedy International Airport on a British Airways flight, the royals were greeted by Peter Westmacott, British ambassador to the U.S., and his wife; British Consul General Danny Lopez; and Peter Selfridge, U.S. chief of protocol.

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Meanwhile analysts' eyes are trained not on 2015 but theyear after, when another $85 billion or so fall due. The keyfactor is whether sanctions are lifted, says Commerzbankstrategist Apostolos Bantis.

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"I'm not happy when I see aspects of the facility that are in poor condition. It's not something that I or my maintenance or the park rangers are proud of," DePrey said. "But we are realistic that these things will happen from time to time."

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