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We lap up the juicy gossip like a drunk does box wine. Then, because we need to in order to validate our trust, we buy the powerful guy’s powerful flak attacks on the alleged victim, believing that she — whether “she” was Paula Jones standing up to President Bill Clinton, or Mia Farrow protecting her brood — is just an angry harridan out for revenge after being rejected.


Some members of the GOP are expressing sympathy over Garner's death, but the party, which will have full control of the chamber next year, is not expected to embrace proposals if members think reform could hamstring police.

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Of course, teams with max players are supposed to be playing playoff games in May, not relying on ping-pong balls to change the course of history. The Rockets’ James Harden hasn’t had much to work with, especially with Dwight Howard sidelined the last seven games with a knee injury, and yet Houston is 14-4.

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The Bills turned it over twice, including Chris Harris' Jr.'s goal line interception in the third quarter. That led to a 50-yard field goal by Connor Barth, who focused only on field goals. Brandon McManus returned to the roster as a kickoff specialist.

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"You love to see a guy who's gone through what he's gone through, who's worked so hard and always persevered, then have success," Alabama coach Nick Saban said. "It's a credit to his character and work ethic."


The fact that it is now to become official Government policy to maintain a permanent military presence in the region is in part due to the efforts of Lt Gen Sir Simon Mayall, the MoD’s senior Middle East adviser, who is credited with being the prime architect of this weekend’s announcement. Sir Simon points out that, while Britain has not had a permanent presence in the region for 40 years, “we have, in effect, been there in some shape or other every year for the past four decades. It was simply a question of making a firm commitment to our friends in the Gulf that we were here to stay.”

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Seattle at Philly on Sunday is a huge game as the Seahawks have made up two games in the last two weeks and are now just a game behind the fading Cardinals in the NFC West. The Eagles are trying to keep from falling into a first-place tie with Dallas before they play again next week.

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A 2008 mental health parity law that requires health plansthat offer mental health and substance use disorder benefits toprovide coverage comparable to other medical and surgicalbenefits has also helped.

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