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India needs a Second Amendment. That poor woman, or her companion, should have ventilated those animals. GUN CONTROL: The theory that it is morally superior to allow a woman to be raped than to have her explain to the police how her attacker died from multiple gunshot wounds.

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It is impossible not to be heartbroken and horrified by the video of Eric Garner’s death. Yes, he was a chronic lawbreaker. Yes, he was resisting arrest, a profound violation of the rule of law. But that resistance was more exasperated than vicious (though, to be sure, such low-level resistance can unpredictably escalate into more dangerous behavior).

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The Archbishop said there was no need to run up crippling debts over the festive season. He said the origin of the traditional gifts lay in the Christian tradition that God gave his son as a gift to bring life.

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Astronomers have long wondered whether an observatory on the far side of the Moon would be worthwhile. Such a telescope would be ideal for detecting signals of some of the earliest galaxies to form - currently a blind spot in astronomy.

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Dressed in golden robes, curly blond wig and crown, she appears on the balcony of the magnificent 14th-century Frauenkirche on the market square to deliver a prologue in verse, spreading good cheer and declaring the market open. It’s a funny sort of job, a bit like a cross between fairy godmother and city ambassador. In an unusually pope-ish touch for a Lutheran city, she gets a Christkindmobile to ferry her between engagements.

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"Despite years of suffering, Mr. Dhiab is focused on building a positive future for himself in Uruguay," said Crider, who traveled to Montevideo to meet with him and was concerned about his health after the hunger strike. "He looks forward to being reunited with his family and beginning his life again."

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On CBSSN’s “That Other Pregame Show,” Fletcher delivered one of the most thorough verbal/visual beatdowns we have ever witnessed. He not only accused Haslett of being a back-stabber who drove Mike Shanahan (“who recognized Haslett did not know what he’s doing”) out of D.C. but called him incompetent, too.

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Medicare is a form of federal health insurance that a person must earn the right to receive based on work here. Permanent residents qualify for Medicare only if they have worked in the U.S. for a total of 40 quarters 10 years. U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents at least age 65, who have been here five years, may buy into Medicare if they don’t have the work history.

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