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The biggest success story of the weekend is The Weinstein Company's Alan Turing biopic "The Imitation Game," which took in an estimated $402,000 from eight locations for a stunning $50,250 per-theater average. Star Benedict Cumberbatch is also expected to be a major contender on the awards circuit this season.

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China remains one of the last great obstacles to Zuckerberg's longstanding vision of connecting the world's entire population, and he has made no secret of his desire to enter a market with more than 600 million Internet users.

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When parents can say, “If you watch my kids while I do errands, I’ll watch yours after school,” it can be really beneficial for all parties involved, Levin says. Kids also love it, because in the long run “they’re just one big play date.”

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Hagupit (pronounced HA'-goo-pit), which first made landfall in Eastern Samar late Saturday, was moving slowly at 10 kph (6 mph) and could dump heavy rain that could possibly trigger landslides and flash floods, according to forecasters.

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“I realize all the ”what ifs’ have become reality,” Showalter said. “But at the same time, we’re getting (catcher) Matt Wieters (who went down in mid-June with Tommy John surgery), Manny Machado (who missed the final two months with knee surgery) and Chris Davis (who missed nearly three weeks with an oblique strain and then was suspended for 25 games in September for PED use) for hopefully what will be full seasons. Look, I know how important offense is, especially now with it down so much everywhere, but if you ask me, it’s still all about bullpen and if we figure that out again the way we did this year, we’ll be fine.”

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“We knew Arizona was looking for young pitching. There is some young pitching we weren’t prepared to trade,” said Alderson. “I can’t say we had a lot of extensive talks with Arizona though.”

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SIR – There can be no better act of love than a mother breastfeeding her baby. I am horrified that some people object to feeding a baby in public. We seem to accept elaborate displays of breasts on show thanks to plunging necklines, but cannot accept a natural act.

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There was no way the committee could pass up a meeting of two of the biggest coaches and programs in college football in favor of Baylor or TCU (not that they take TV revenue or things like that into consideration).

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His arrest shook the power-sharing government and prompted Sinn Fein to question police neutrality. Talks were instigated on a new structure to deal with the past with a Christmas deadline. But there is a gulf between the kind of structure favored by unionists, who blame paramilitaries like the IRA for the Troubles, and nationalists who blame the British state.

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Topics set to be discussed include the psychological implications of infertility, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis and optimising IVF outcomes. Furthermore, one of Europe's most experienced fertility specialists, Dr George Ndukwe of the Zita West Assisted Fertility Clinic in the UK, will be discussing auto immune issues, which can lead to recurrent miscarriages and multiple failed IVF treatments.

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On my most recent trip to Sichuan Province in September, I teamed up with leading China specialists Wendy Wu Tours in Chengdu, where its group was able to see the conservation work close up and get their first glimpse of the pandas in their natural habitat. For many on the trip this was a big highlight. Until, that is, they reached Bifengxia Giant Panda Base…

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Don’t mess with an electric eel. Turns out these animals are neural puppetmasters, using electricity as the strings to manipulate their prey. While the serpentine creatures regularly use their zapping powers to temporarily paralyze unlucky fish, they can also send out a shock that will cause hidden fish to twitch, betraying their positions and making them easy targets.

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It has now announced that as of December 3, 257 applications for the scheme had been received, mainly from women in their 80s and 90s, and applications were continuing ‘to come in at an increased rate'.

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The care provided to unaccompanied minors in Ireland has improved in recent years, however a number of challenges still remain in relation to this vulnerable group of young people, a new report has found.

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The extent of East Germany's years of state-imposed blanket doping was only revealed when the original Iron Curtain came down in 1989, so you cannot blame Putin for considering some new drapes given the allegations levelled at his country on Wednesday evening.

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