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** Proceeds raised will help bank buy a local retail bank,25 pct of a Georgian water utility & further hospitals, ahead ofthe planned healthcare IPO in 2015 (RM:esha.vaish.thomsonreuters.com@reuters.net)

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“I felt I didn’t hit it that poorly,” he said. “I hit a lot of good shots. I got nothing out of it obviously. Bad chips, bad putts and a couple of missed shots on the front side where I missed it on the wrong side, just compounded the problem.”

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A number of the think-tank’s ideas have been adopted by the Coalition, including the original proposals for police and crime commissioners, indicating that ministers pay close attention to their policies.


And residents of Reno, which had its first recorded earthquake last year and hundreds since then, took their first step this past spring toward a ban. The ban limits fracking activities to operators who can prove the injections won't cause earthquakes.

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Insurance specialists say middle-class and lowermiddle-class customers in Africa are not as affluent asdeveloped-world middle classes, tend to be harder to reach andcan require a larger use of face-to-face agents.

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Romero was gunned down after he had spoken out about rights abuses by the country's U.S.-backed army during the war. This year the Vatican said it had lifted a ban on Romero's beatification after harboring concerns he had Marxist views.

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It should be an easy search for James. They’re going for $9.99 on eBay. So could he wear it Monday against the Nets at Barclays Center, where Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton will be in attendance as part of their tour of the Big Apple and where protestors gathered outside just three days prior.

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