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China’s imports shrank unexpectedly in November while export growth slowed, raising concerns that the world’s second-largest economy could be facing a sharper slowdown than thought and piling further pressure on policymakers to ramp up stimulus measures.

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The end of the last Ice Age also triggered an influx of fresh water into the ocean from melting ice sheets in North America and Scandinavia about 17,000 years ago. The fresh water interfered with a critical circulation pattern that transports heat and salinity northward through the Atlantic Ocean, much like a conveyer belt. The weakened circulation led to African precipitation shifting toward southernmost Africa, with rainfall suppressed in northern, equatorial, and east Africa.

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The Edge needs more apps to take advantage of that side screen. There are about a dozen, but few of which I care to have. And the side text is sometimes upside down when the phone rests face up. It's a first-generation feature, and it'll take time for Samsung and app developers to figure out what works best.

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But a quarter of the way through the season, the Knicks have dropped eight straight games and stand at 4-18, and Jackson has been about as big a presence as a one-off halftime show. He sits in his seat above midcourt, watching the Knicks blow one after another. They lost another one down the stretch on Sunday, falling 103-99, to the faster, younger Trail Blazers. How Jackson feels about this mess remains a mystery. Jackson might as well be Glen Grunwald or Steve Mills, for all we hear from him.

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When Lu noticed a copy of Chinese president Xi Jinping'sbook, "The Governance of China," in a pile on Zuckerberg's desk,Zuckerberg reportedly told him: "I also bought this book for mycoworkers; I wanted them to learn about socialism with Chinesecharacteristics."

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"There are bears all through the Everglades, but this is the first time we've had an accident involving a bear," said Gary Bitner, spokesman for the Seminole Police Department, told the Sun Sentinel.

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Pictures of killed British tourists David Miller and Hannah Witheridge and a message of support to their friends and families are displayed during special prayers at Koh Tao island September 18, 2014.

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The trend rate of GDP growth is likely to be lower than it was in the past. Part of the slowdown is due to the rapid ageing of the European population. Part may be due to increasing competition from developing countries: their growing prowess puts pressure on many Western businesses and workers. Part may also be down to environmental constraints: measures to slow down global warming, for example, are pushing up the cost of energy.

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"CitizenFour" gives a fly-on-the-wall account of Snowden's tense days in a Hong Kong hotel and encounters with journalists as newspapers published details of NSA programs that gathered data from the Internet activities and phone records of millions of Americans and dozens of world leaders.

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When one pension scheme administrator started offering members a smartphone "app" to keep track of their pensions, the takeup was impressive. Equiniti said it saw a 238pc increase in the number of members registering to use the app, which allows them to track the performance of their pension investments and see the total value of their fund, from 8,329 in January to more than 28,000 today.

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