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The secondary market fall heralds a rise in primary loanpricing. US oil services companies, such as Abaco EnergyTechnologies, have had to offer substantial concessions toinvestors to get deals done, including hiking margins to around700bp and deepening discounts to painful levels for companiesand arranging banks.

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Atlanta, retooling under new president of baseball operations John Hart, traded Jason Heyward to St. Louis and replaced him in right field by signing Nick Markakis. Oakland dealt All-Star Josh Donaldson to Toronto for Brett Lawrie in a swap of third basemen.

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On the slightly lighter side, there have been some embarrassing leaks. A document detailing suggestions from staff of ways to improve the company contained many less-than-complimentary mentions of comedian and actor Adam Sandler.

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The union says the draft regulations mean firefighters will face a choice of either being sacked or having a severely reduced pension if they fail fitness tests as a result of a natural age-related decline in fitness.

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Beckham said the surprise invitation to dinner “just kind of happened” when he was talking to one of James’ marketing agents earlier in the week. The next thing he knew, he was sitting with James, talking about the famous catch and comparing the sizes of their hands.

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Last year’s documentary, “Richard Pryor: Omit the Logic,” was celebratory. Lee Daniels, the director and producer of “The Butler,” just cast Michael Epps to star in a planned biopic of Pryor. Now a new book, “Becoming Richard Pryor” by Scott Saul, lays bare the legendary life from the height of his genius to the depth of his personal hell.

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It is said, entirely apocryphally, that the bratwursts got their diminutive dimensions so that they could be posted to hungry travellers through keyholes in the city gates after the nightly curfew. More likely it was a canny response to a spike in pork prices in the late 16th century.

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Wells Fargo Advisors moved assets in its Freedom managed account platform from Total Return to at least three portfolios: the MetWest Total Return Bond Fund MWTNX.O, the AMG Managers Bond Fund MGFIX.O and the Fidelity Advisor Strategic Income Fund FSIAX.O, sources told Reuters.

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