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He just can’t help it. For most of his first two seasons, the Giants’ effervescent defensive end has stood on the sidelines, watching savvier linemen play ahead of him. Once a sack machine at Texas A&M, he’s been relegated to a backup role in the pros, seeing few truly meaningful snaps.

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"They pleaded not guilty to all the charges today," Thanu Akekachote, a lawyer representing the pair, told Reuters. "It is my understanding that the court wants to speed this up given its impact on tourism and international relations."

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One of ECB's longest standing policymakers said the was eurozone economy was "experiencing a massive weakening", adevelopment that has pushed the central to look closer atsovereign bond purchases.

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"This neighborhood in East Orange is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city," Deputy Fire Chief Christopher Weiss said. "Most of the homes were built in the late 1800s, so historically, we've had a lot of serious fires here."

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Francesa specifically referred to the marketing opportunities coming Beckham’s way, the media attention his dinner with LeBron James received, and the major ink the phenom has generated, including a compelling profile by Daily News sportswriter Kevin Armstrong.

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New York-based Voya is holding off because there is no rush given the strong equities market, said Paul Zemsky, CIO of multi-asset strategies. The average alternative mutual fund has returned 2.3 percent over the past year, compared to the average equity fund, which has returned 10.55 percent, according to Morningstar

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The First Lady turned heads in a pale pink gown with sequin detail by California-based designer Monique Lhuillier, while the Leader of the Free World looked sharp in a black tuxedo at a White House reception for Kennedy Center honorees.

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The company provides a digital platform that analyzes the quality and cost of radiology services for large companies dealing with injured employees. Forty existing Spreemo employees will be relocated to New York.

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David Cornwell, an adviser for Winston and his family, said the hearing contained “more inconsistencies” and “more lies” about what happened in December 2012. He said that there was “no evidence” presented that should prompt a hearing officer to find Winston violated FSU’s conduct rules. Cornwell repeated his assertions that the entire point of the hearing was to establish a record that could be used in a potential civil lawsuit against the Heisman Trophy winner.

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Cuomo last week listed a host of changes he’d consider, such as whether special prosecutors should be used in cases where unarmed civilians are killed by police, whether there are diversity issues in the police force, if grand juries need to be reformed, more guidance over the roles of district attorneys, whether to buy body cameras for police, and how to better train cop.

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