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U.S. filmmaker Poitras shared a Pulitzer Prize this year for her role in publicizing the Snowden documents. She was awarded IDA's Courage Under Fire award last year for her "conspicuous bravery in the pursuit of truth."

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In an interview with the BBC, Ms Mogherini said that while the crisis in Syria was not something that could be solved from Brussels, the EU still had a role to play, including "the empowerment of more actors that might take the lead".

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LONDON, Dec 8 (Reuters) - Sterling and the New Zealand andAustralian dollars were the main losers among major currenciesin early European trade on Monday, extending losses as thedollar continued to draw support from Friday's strong U.S. jobsdata.

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Goalie Cam Talbot (31 saves) took responsibility for his “bad rebound control” in his first loss in three starts. Defenseman Dan Boyle correctly summarized that the Rangers (11-10-4) “gave that game away,” going 0-for-7 on the power play and scoreless in two minutes and 35 seconds of a two-man advantage in the third period.

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"Chest discomfort or pain can be confused as a symptom of asthma, but because asthma increases the risk of heart attack and treatments for each are quite different, patients need to take chest pain and other symptoms of heart attack seriously and seek prompt treatment," the team from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, said.

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The Phase III Aspire trial tested Kyprolis in combination with Celgene's Revlimid and the chemotherapy drug dexamethasone versus the two drugs without Kyprolis in 792 patients whose disease relapsed after prior treatments.

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Roberto Lovato, a writer and member of the faculty of the Center for Latino Policy Research at the University of California, Berkeley, was one of the main organizers of the #USTired2, the social media campaign that mobilized thousands of people across the nation. Lovato believes that the $2.4 billion given to Mexico since 2008, when the Mérida Initiative, a security strategy between the two countries, was signed, has been completely ineffective in combating crime. Instead, he said, it has been responsible for the runaway brutality that has taken more than 100,000 lives and caused 25,000 more to vanish in drug war-related violence.

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As he was being ejected, Gamblero bizarrely detached his left prosthetic leg in what he described as a "peaceful protest" against the Garden ushers, waved it around and refused to put it back on when he was asked to do so, according to a Garden source.


Matthew Pointon, the property economist at Capital Economics has been looking at the affordability of homes. He concludes that "ultra-low interest rates are only just providing a sufficient offset for today's high prices". House price growth will be subdued he says, as all but the wealthiest first-time buyers have been excluded from the property market.

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As bombs rained down, Mathrusse said he was in survival mode. "I had a rifle, which I used," he said, describing how he fired away at the planes. "It didn't do any good but it sure made me feel better," he added.

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Some departments and agencies are permitted to order employees to work on Dec. 26 "for reasons of national security, defense, or other public need," according to the order, which was released by the White House.

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The hit from an April sales tax hike turned out to be bigger than expected, the revised gross domestic product data indicated, underscoring the challenges Abe and the Bank of Japan face in pulling the world's third-largest economy sustainably out of deflation.

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"It is an empowering tool which should be available to all AS patients to assist them in better managing their condition. So far, it has provided people with AS with educational information, a library of instructional exercise videos, from beginner to advanced levels, and the ability to track and monitor the user's progress over time," she explained.

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This is the second celebrity that Masten has accused of sexual abuse. In 1997, she testified against Marv Albert, claiming the famed sportscaster bit her and tried to force her to perform oral sex in a Dallas hotel in 1994 while he was wearing women’s panties and a garter. Masten said she escaped by pulling off Albert’s toupée.

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But in a recurrent theme, the Knicks (4-17) failed to secure a win after storming back from a 21-point hole late in the third. It marked the fifth loss this season in which Fisher’s team had trailed by 15 or more points before cutting the lead to one possession or taking the lead late in the game. The Knicks also are now 2-9 in games decided by no more than five points.

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