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After entering office, President Obama initially ordered the scrapping of the entire Constellation programme. It was the height of the worldwide financial crisis and finding the money to continue with an over-budget, under-schedule programme that was closely associated with his Republican predecessor was probably not a top priority for the new president.

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Despite the critical mass the initiative gained in Europe inOctober 2012 to be able to go ahead, disputes over how to levythe tax and whether to include derivatives have meant continueddelays, with an initial 2014 start date slipping to 2016.

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The researchers said that the reason for the findings are unclear, however they suggested that male foetuses could have increased sensitivity to environmental factors affecting the mother, such as smoking, obesity and social deprivation.

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"The sheer complication of the human arm and hand and the way they direct a mouse makes it difficult to predict," says Tom Cheesewright, founder of the technology consultancy Book of the Future.


Lorimer planned the gazetteer's second volume as a comprehensive survey of Gulf history. He was working on it, alongside his diplomatic duties in Bushire (now Bushehr in Iran), when he lost his life.

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The SB Nation report also cited an anonymous Jets player knocking John Idzik, saying the general manager “did not give Rex the pieces he needed to fit his system.” Ryan said he actually found parts of the report amusing.

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Following the announcement of its brand new N1 tablet, Nokia have released the Z launcher on Google Play. The software behind Nokia’s new tablet, the Z software is compatible with most Android phones, and designed to learn and adapt to user habits. Find out how to get it in your Android phone.

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The criticism of Uber comes at a time when the company hasfaced critical news coverage over its driver screening in theUnited States, and has apologised for comments by an executivewho suggested "digging up dirt" on journalists investigating thefirm.

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Imbruvica is approved for chronic lymphocytic leukaemia and mantle cell lymphoma and is being studied in several blood cancers including small lymphocytic lymphoma. It is the only product to have received three breakthrough therapy designations from the US Food and Drug Administration.

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"If you do get ill or sustain a minor injury you can get quick and convenient treatment through self-care or from your pharmacist. Your local pharmacists also offer a wealth of healthcare information.

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"This is partly a reflection of lower commodity prices andbase effects, but these two factors cannot fully explain theweak import number and we have to assume that poor domesticdemand has played a part. This means that pressure will rise onthe government to do more to stimulate growth," he said.

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The statement did not give details of the actual number orvalue of transactions during the first 10 months. A spokeswomansaid the growth was underpinned by the increasing adoption ofmobile devices in China, continuous growth in mobile commerce,relatively low cost of mobile platforms compared to computersand the expansion of Alipay's services.

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Furthermore, while a link was found between asthma risk and the number of times a child had been given the painkiller, this link virtually disappeared when respiratory tract infections were taken into account, ‘making it unlikely that paracetamol is a clinically important risk factor for asthma'.

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The agency added that the radius of the storm had narrowed slightly to 600 km from 700 km, but said it would still bring torrential rain and 3- to 4-metre storm surges when it slams into Eastern or Northern Samar provinces on Saturday evening.

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Our Han Chinese producer suggests this is because Army used to be a policeman. I wonder why I'm only learning this now. But it figures. Army exudes the authority and calm of a seen-it-all police officer.

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Doctors and nurses were responding to the publication of the HSE's 2015 National Service Plan (NSP) on Thursday. While the funding allocated to the HSE for this period includes an additional €625 million - a 5.4% increase - this figure includes the 2014 deficit of €510 million, meaning that the net increase for next year will be just €115 million.

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A cross-party parliamentary inquiry into Hunger and Food Poverty published on Monday highlighted the growing reliance by needy Britons on food banks, which provide the needy with free emergency supplies.

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In the UK the term was first used by the Times in 1988, in a piece highlighting a link between afternoon shift workers and a lack of daylight. Since then it has gradually filtered into common parlance. According to Google Trends the term is still much more commonly searched for in Canada and the US, with the UK third.

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I dreamt I was walking up an old staircase when the handrails started coming off in my hand and I feared I would fall off. I turned and was descending when the steps beneath my feet crumbled and crashed to the floor. I fell to the floor and was sitting among the rubble. Please decode this dream.

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