23 Dec 2008 @ 6:03 PM 

First things first;

Camp Falcon, the American camp on the British FOB at Lashkar Gah, has been formally renamed Camp Dimond, after CPL Scott Dimond, the ANP mentor who died in the ambush immortalized by Nick Meo in his self-serving article about… let me see… oh, yeah; himself. Well, the warrior whose life was taken in defense of freedom that night has been recognized with the naming of a camp in his honor.

You can read about it and see pictures here. This will keep CPL Dimonds name in the memories of hundreds of soldiers who will work at and pass through that camp and learn where the name came from. His name will be mentioned in histories, books, and perhaps blogs that have yet to be written. His name is forever linked now with our history now being made in Afghanistan. While he paid a great price, honor will be given many times over to his name. It’s the best we can do for him now.

This happens more often than you think;

Here we see that three would-be IED bombers were summarily executed by a combination of their own device and latent stupidity. This happens more often than you think. In July of 2007, as we were preparing for Operation Nauroz Jhala (New Year’s Hail,) not one but two separate incidents happened in Kapisa Province. In the first, two men emplacing an IED were similarly executed by their own creation as they were trying to put a re-worked artillery shell under a culvert with visions of insurgent glory dancing in their heads.

In the other incident, a bomb-maker blew himself into paradise, which oddly enough looked like hundreds of tiny chunks, while constructing a device in his rented house. These happened within a couple of days of each other near Mahmoud Raqi, the seat of Kapisa Province.

You never heard of these two incidents before, as I’m sure that you won’t hear of most of them. Why now? Because that article brought it to mind and also reminded me that we all need a little Christmas joy now and again. The joy lies not in the deaths of human beings; but if there had to be deaths, there is poetry in those deaths being of the ones who had evil in their minds instead of another CPL Dimond. You see, those two IED’s that predetonated were likely targeted at my team. So my team and I get another Christmas with our families. This also brings greater empathy for CPL Dimond’s sacrifice, and that of his family.

Rest in Peace, CPL Dimond; and may your family find some peace this Christmas season.

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 20 Nov 2008 @ 12:49 PM 

Remembering back to the Meo episode and the subsequent horrible whining sound that followed from the Telegraph, much of the dust-up concerned Meo’s treatment of CPL Nick Dimond, a New Hampshire National Guardsman, retired Police officer, husband, father, teammate, and friend. Nothing that Meo can ever do will make up for what he said and did concerning the loss of this fine soldier.

Honor survives all.

Yesterday, the former FOB Falcon in Lashkar Gah was rededicated as FOB Dimond in honor of CPL Scott Dimond. This action demonstrates the respect and regard with which CPL Dimond is held. His name will be forever linked with the memories of many soldiers who will occupy this FOB, who will visit it, resupply it, who will see it on a map; and while they may not know the whole story of how FOB Dimond came to earn its name, CPL Dimond’s name will be uttered hundreds of thousands of times over the course of time. His name will be linked forever to the history of this war, and whenever anyone wonders how FOB Dimond came to carry his name, the story of his service, his sacrifice, and the honor with which he was performing his mission will be found.

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