20 Nov 2008 @ 12:49 PM 

Remembering back to the Meo episode and the subsequent horrible whining sound that followed from the Telegraph, much of the dust-up concerned Meo’s treatment of CPL Nick Dimond, a New Hampshire National Guardsman, retired Police officer, husband, father, teammate, and friend. Nothing that Meo can ever do will make up for what he said and did concerning the loss of this fine soldier.

Honor survives all.

Yesterday, the former FOB Falcon in Lashkar Gah was rededicated as FOB Dimond in honor of CPL Scott Dimond. This action demonstrates the respect and regard with which CPL Dimond is held. His name will be forever linked with the memories of many soldiers who will occupy this FOB, who will visit it, resupply it, who will see it on a map; and while they may not know the whole story of how FOB Dimond came to earn its name, CPL Dimond’s name will be uttered hundreds of thousands of times over the course of time. His name will be linked forever to the history of this war, and whenever anyone wonders how FOB Dimond came to carry his name, the story of his service, his sacrifice, and the honor with which he was performing his mission will be found.

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